Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Land Cruiser-ing

_MG_1036-Edit.jpgThe first day we were in Breckenridge you could tell that the mountains were begging for snow. A couple days later they got their wish at least in the higher altitude.
_MG_1053-Edit.jpgWe've heard that the Jeep trails in Colorado are fantastic. Jared has been wanting to take our Land Cruiser on some trails for quite some time now, so we headed for Georgia Pass one morning. One of the things I failed to mention about this conference is that one of the mornings at the conference there is VBS for the children. It's hosted by Luther Valley Retreat (LVR). (It's also where our local pastors host their Catechism Retreat every year.) It was the perfect time to go Jeeping because the children just love VBS and we knew they wouldn't enjoy the rough terrain.
_MG_1044-Edit.jpgAfter we dropped the kids off we set out into the land of no cell phone reception. Good thing the children were in good hands. Pastor Graff lead the way since he's a pro on the Jeep trails.
_MG_1052-Edit.jpgObviously the road is unpaved with a few small obstacles along the way.
_MG_1055-Edit.jpgAs we got higher in elevation we spotted snow.

_MG_1060-Edit.jpgHere we are at the top of Georgia Pass with Seth and Mandy. It was just a tad cold with blowing snow and ice.
_MG_1066-Edit.jpgPastor Graff said he had been up there just a day earlier and there was not a speck of snow to be seen. Around here a lot can change in 24 hours. Going up the last little incline the Land Cruiser almost got stuck. Thankfully Jared was able to use the diff lock (whatever that is) and we made it. Pastor Graff said we need new tires. Maybe some Jeep tires? It looks like some more off-roading is in our future. . .

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