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Hello! Welcome to my little blog, just*imagine*heaven. My name is Jan, and I’m just an ordinary Lutheran girl, married to a Lutheran pastor, working hard to raise a bunch of Lutheran children! I’ve given birth to seven of the most beautiful children, I’m not at all biased, in just under 8 years. I’m a city girl who married a country boy. I persuaded my husband to live in the city, but now I wouldn’t mind a few acres just outside of the city.
We homeschool our children and delight in watching them grow and learn to be remarkable people. We enjoy living close to parks and mountains, so that we are able to explore the outdoors, go on bike rides, and even do a little Geocaching as a family.

We recently became foster parents, so our family has grown from 6 children to 9 children. We pray that we can be a blessing to these children, and perhaps many more in the coming years. Foster care has opened our eyes to a world I’ve never seen, being in my own sheltered life.
We’ve been blessed with a  marvelous congregation with the most giving hearts. Thanks be to God! 

Simply put: I’m no super mom; I’m just doing what I love.

In my spare time you will find me with a camera in my hand, sitting in front of a sewing machine, relaxing with a pair knitting needles in my hands, or cooking up some really delicious food in my kitchen.

Thanks for visiting.  Sit down.  Grab some coffee, and enjoy my blog!  I would love to hear from you, so leave a comment or shoot me an email at 

just.imagine.heaven@gmail.com.  Blessings!

Rockies game!
Broncos game-field side.
We love Denver sports. Can you tell?

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DJ Schaefer said...

NV350 question

Hi there. Thanks for your blog. It was one of the decision makers in my buying the NV3500 for my family.

I have a question about the garage clearance.

We are moving to Las Vegas from Boston(Salem actuallY) and our new house has a garage. The open height is 7feet exactly. May I ask how high your garage open height is?

I am totally ok with just clearing it by millimeters. I just am praying that your height is 7 feet open as well.

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I am praying you get this message.

John Mac-Schaefer, PhD