Friday, July 1, 2011


DSC_0814.jpgJust as the Andersons were rolling into town Jared and Rebecca were leaving town for the mountains.
DSC_0905.jpgWho wouldn't want to come to a retreat with a view like this? Luther Valley Retreat is nestled right in the mountains. It's pretty amazing. . . so I hear.This particular Catechism retreat is unique in that the pastors do all the teaching. You don't have a bunch college kids trying to teach theology when that's not their specialty.
DSC_0830.jpgWhile the kids learn a lot about the catechism while they are at camp there is also a lot of free time to play around.
DSC_0722.jpgRebecca was on the younger end of the kids that attended. She really just went because her father, my Lutheran Stud, went and brought along some kids from our church.
DSC_0724.jpgThe pastors get to get their game on as well. See? They're plotting.
DSC_0731.jpgThey played games like Modern Lutheran Warfare and Catechism Commando.
See? Again. Plotting.
DSC_1153.jpgThere were also obstacle courses. This I don't think I could handle. Yikes! Go Grace!
DSC_1219.jpgMore teaching on the catechism. I asked Rebecca what she learned and she listed off all sorts of wonderful things, so I know if they paid attention, these kids really learned a lot.
photo.jpgJared got these photos with his phone. While he won't touch a camera he knows how much I would love to have these photos, so he was kind enough to pull out his phone!
photo-1.jpgNew hobby, perhaps? Rebecca loved riding horses.
DSC_1255.jpgHere's the little group that attended from our church. If you have chance to send your kids to this Catechism retreat do it. It's so worth it. The kids have a great time while learning about some really great Lutheran theology. Word seems to be getting out about how great this retreat is and this year there were churches from Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, and New Mexico that attended. They were really tight on space. Rumor has they had to run to town and by some extra cots. Thank you so much Reneé for going along and sharing all of these photos with me. They are fabulous. If you attended the retreat and would like to see the photos let me know. This is not even a quarter of the photos that Reneé has posted.

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Heather said...

How fun!! They look like they're having great fun.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are from retreats at LVR. Some day I hope my own daughters make some memories there.