Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Last Block Party?

LD4Almost every Sunday, that we have been around this summer, has pretty much been like a block party as well as perfect days to celebrate birthdays!   With the neighbor kids going back to school we decided to go all out for our Labor day weekend.  We started with a little wine and other adult beverages.  It helps one to relax.LD3  The kids were all over the place, riding bikes and running around.  I have to say it gets pretty crazy sometimes.LD5We have the best neighborhood.  I know you see these block party posts and you just want to move in next door.  Well, you’re in luck there are a couple houses for sale on our street! LD2LD6 LD7 LD8
Who wouldn’t want to hang out with us?  Look all the incredible food?  That’s just a tiny sample of what we had.  Mark is our “fry daddy.” :)  Is your mouth starting to water looking at the chile rellenos, ribs, and corn?  Mmm....LD9 We stick our slow man and orange cone out in the middle of the road to slow traffic down.  Next summer, if we have it our way, there will be speed bumps in the road.  I think all it takes is a little asphalt. ;)LD10 Who needs TV when you have bikes.  The kids had a factory going and the wheels were gears.  It was also the last weekend that our pool was open so the kids went swimming too.LD11 It was a busy weekend.  Nerf dart tag was also on the agenda.  Run!
CupcakesIt was the perfect day to sing Happy Birthday to Anna, so I made s’mores cupcakes for dessert.LD12 And what a perfect time to celebrate Anna’s birthday.  Sadly, she didn’t really like her cake.  :(  She preferred the watermelon. See the video below.LD13 The rest of the kids (and adults) couldn’t get enough of the s’mores cupcakes.  (Recipe to follow in another post.)LD14 Okay, Elizabeth more or less always eats just the frosting on any cake or cupcake.

Happy Birthday Anna!  I can't believe you didn't like your cupcake.  :)

This is our neighbor Mark.  He seems to know a lot about everything.  Really.  He knows everything.  Anyways,  we were discussing foreign languages and this is how this video came about.  If you can tell me what language he is chanting you win.  It shouldn't be too difficult if you know what our kids are learning right now.  Okay, if you can tell me what Mark is saying you win!  :)  Good luck.  Maybe I should come up with a prize or something.  I'll have to think about that one.


Ewe said...


Lauren said...

Perhaps Anna was a little freaked out by all the commotion and people up in her face. Phew. I was getting claustrophobic for her.

Have I mentioned she has the sweetest, roundest, most adorable little face? Well, she does.

JAN said...

Yes! It's Latin. Now do you know what he is chanting?

Anna didn't ever like that cupcake. I gave her one the next day and she wanted nothing to do with it. :( She loved Elizabeth's Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes though.

Hooked On Beauty said...

Mark has a really good voice!