Monday, June 21, 2010

Block Party Sunday

Turkey1We resumed our neighborhood potluck on Father’s Day.  Our neighbor fried a turkey.Turkey   Beautiful isn’t it?Turkey8Matt and Signy thought it was a crazy idea.  (Names and faces have NOT been changed to protect the innocent or guilty.)Turkey6
They were all for joining in and eating though.  Who wouldn’t want to join in on this feast?  Mark and Jared dug right in.
There were plenty of sides to go around.  We also had lots of fruit and creamy mashed potatoes.


         Anna is good at multitasking.  She plays and eats at the same time!
This is Elizabeth with my running partner, Jordan.  They’re great buddies.
Check back later and maybe you’ll get to see some of the awesome places that Jared and I got to visit!

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Serline said...

Looks like it was a raving success with one and all!