Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Thomas!!!!

Thomas AnouncmentWow!  I cannot believe that Thomas is 5 years old today.  I was reminiscing with people at church yesterday and realized that Thomas was a mere 5 months old when we came to Mt. Zion.  How crazy is that?TBdayThomas  couldn’t stop talking about his upcoming birthday.  He went from wanting a Toy Story cake to Star Wars, and finally settling on Spiderman.  I did my best to draw Spiderman and am happy that the kids were able to decipher it.TBday1We had a small get together with the neighbors.  Remember our block party Sundays?  We thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate Thomas’s birthday.TBday2 TBday3 He requested to have a pinata, so that’s what we got!  It was so much fun.  Even Elizabeth got into it.TBday4 TBday5

All the kids took turns.  I think Rebecca was the one who ultimately knocked all the candy out once Spiderman was slightly beheaded at one point.TBDay6 And of course as soon as the candy hit the ground the kids went running!TBday7Anna pretty much hung out and caught all the action from her seat.  I think she loved just loved all the action.   On a side note, because I just noticed this, but Anna is wearing Rachel’s old dress from the picture at the top.  How funny, isn’t it?

  TBday9 TBday10

Cake time! Look how calm and collected Thomas is.  He’s an old pro now, since he’s five years old.

TBday11We had seven kids gathered around a tiny little childsized table. TBday12Then we had another little childsized table and the two smallest kids got that table to themselves.  Hmm…

 TBday13 TBday14

Today is Thomas’s actually birthday, so we saved the presents for today.  Thomas couldn’t wait although I almost think that David was more excited.TBday15

Happy Birthday Thomas!  We love you.


Lauren said...

Happy birthday, Thomas! And when did Rebecca get so stunning? In that last picture she looks so grown up and lovely.

Displaced Iowan said...

David misses me. I can tell.

And happy birthday, Thomas!

JAN said...

Rebecca is growing up way too fast. She might be as tall as me by Christmas. :( Well, maybe not, but close.

Adriane, David totally misses you. You can see in the photos can't you?

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Happy Birthday Thomas! It looks like a super fun day. Your kids are so beautiful, Jan!