Thursday, July 28, 2016

Foster Care Updates

As many of you know we've been foster parents for a few years now. We had a sibling group of three children in our home for two and half years. On Good Friday they moved to, hopefully, their forever home. That forever home is the home of some dear church friends of ours. Please keep them all in your prayers while they learn what it's like to have such young children in their home again. The transition has been a little rough, but we're hopeful that everyone can pull through all the challenges that have come up. IMG_3533 Since our home was empty again we took a little vacation and when we returned this little cutie arrived. She has transitioned quite well in our home and all of our children are just loving her. We've been having so much fun with this little girl and she has learned so much in just a few short months. We don't know how long we'll have her, but we'll definitely keep her as long as we can. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

David's Birthday

David 2Believe it or not this adorable little bundle of cuteness turned 9 years old on April 1st, no joke!
IMG_3042   IMG_3044 
 With baseball just getting under way we were running crazy getting 5 kids to their activities. We didn't get to celebrate David's birthday until late that evening. I think he even got to run a few extra laps at baseball practice since it was his birthday. Forget dinner, how about some mint ice cream cupcakes instead?  IMG_3035 Our children worked really hard all winter to split and sell firewood. With all of their hard work they've saved quite a bit of money. They've really enjoyed living across the street from Target. Walking across the street to spend all of their hard earned money has been so much fun for them.  IMG_3039When we requested a birthday list from David he put a hula hoop on it and boy has it been fun around here. We can't wait to see some more fun come from this kid this year. He's mastered that hula hoop along with the Rubik's cube, and knot tying has still kept him busy around here. We began doing scholastic testing on him a few years ago. This year he has ended up in the 99th percentile for his age. Getting him to do his schoolwork this year has really tested my patience when there are so many other things he'd rather be doing, like riding scooters or mastering other patterns on his Rubik's cube, playing Legos or cleaning the chicken coop, but I guess we really can't complain when his grades are so high. Happy birthday, David! Keep driving us crazy like you do. :) We love you!

Friday, July 22, 2016


IMG_2899Easter crept up on us so quickly that it ended up being a pretty low key day. The big storm that blew through just a few days before Easter made it difficult to get out of the house and by the time Easter arrived there was still quite a bit of snow on the ground. There was enough snow that the children weren't able to hunt for eggs outside. IMG_2946
I did, however, manage to get my children to go outside and pose for a photo in the snow. How can you refuse your mother, right?
Then it was time to get back inside for church to begin.

UntitledOur friends from Fort Collins actually made the trek down to us to spend Easter dinner with us. With our husbands both being pastors it was already a long morning and we were exhausted just trying to stay awake. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Spring Storms

Like I said in previous posts, winter seemed like it was never going to end. It did eventually end, but then the spring storms started. These storms weren't small either. Once one storm had passed through it wasn't but a few days later that another storm was already on its way.

IMG_2834The snow drifts were crazy. There were times that we had to dig a path just to get out the door.
3     4
I'd like to say that I was happy to stay cooped up indoors, but having chickens and wanting to burn firewood made staying in almost impossible.
IMG_2836It was quite the trek just trying to get to the chicken coop. Then trying to get into it was another obstacle in itself. We did make it in and found our chickens to be just fine and cozy inside.
2Their little run was covered from blowing snow, but the inside of their coop was dry and they were great. I'm sure they didn't like being stuck inside, but at least they were warm and their it's a good thing their feathers keep a lot heat for them.
We thought the snow was gone for awhile, so we bought some new baby chicks. They probably thought this spring/winter storm was nuts. That heat lamp was working overtime to keep these little guys warm.
IMG_2849     IMG_2855
Being stuck inside could make one stir crazy, so going outside with any amount of snow was starting to sound kind of fun.
It was pretty much impossible to keep the driveways all plowed, so it became fun and challenging to see if we could drive though all the snow. It only took my Lutheran Stud a few tries before he was able to plow through this mess.

Just so you know, our van is not 4-wheel drive and it liked to do a little fish-tailing on the ice. I also got stuck in my own driveway 3 times in one day. Luckily, I have some pretty awesome boys that were ready and able to dig me out.6
The snow did eventually stop and it felt quite peaceful and calm when the snow stopped falling and wind stopped blowing.

The children no longer felt like they would blow over from the wind, so they were able to explore our field. They found snow drifts that were taller than they are. They trudged through the snow and fell down on purpose because the snow was soft and it didn't hurt to fall.

The chickens were also excited for the storms to come to an end. They couldn't wait to get outside. The amount of worms they found was unbelievable. Many of them also loved to eat the snow.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


IMG_2544      IMG_2454
We got a short respite from the snow and a lot of it even melted. It was a good thing because my sweet little goddaughter came out from California for a little visit.
IMG_2679     IMG_2677
I also planted some garlic in the fall and noticed that it was starting to sprout. We needed to get some water on them so they could keep growing. Our sprinklers were blown out in the fall and we still hadn't started them back up yet, so there was no water getting to them, except from the snow that had been falling. IMG_2657 Our chickens were even getting tired of being cooped up from the snow. They couldn't wait to get outside or see what I was cooking up in the kitchen. Do you know how creepy it feels to have chickens spying on you while you're washing dishes? IMG_2723Cousin Adam also came to visit, so we were happy for some sun since we had some work for him to do outside and inside of our house. There was also time for a little frisbee. IMG_2682I think the boys purposefully threw the frisbees on the roof so they could retrieve them. They've learned to climb the big pine tree in front of our house. It makes for an easy hop onto the roof.  IMG_2726Even all the mud in the field was drying out and we were able to get into the field to check out the wood pile. IMG_2730It definitely didn't disappear over the winter, but it looks well seasoned? IMG_2737The field looks more cleared out than it did in the fall. The children worked really hard over the winter and sold a ton of firewood. Now we've got to get this cleared out so we can plant a garden.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Super Bowl in Seattle

IMG_2191 Winter was starting to feel like it was never going to end and I kept getting bombarded with emails from the airline companies. I started shopping for airline tickets to warmer areas of the country. Then I came across tickets to Seattle. I checked them out and found a deal that we just couldn't resist. Roundtrip tickets for $59!! What? The kids and I hopped on a plane to visit our family in Seattle. That night before we didn't even know if our flight would even go. We made it to the airport bright and early though at 5:30am. It was like a ghost town, probably people switched flights because of the massive storm that came through. It was early, so we needed to get coffee and donuts while we waited for our flight. 2Our flight was actually relatively on time considering all of the de-iceing that needed to be done before we could take off. My children hadn't been on an airplane for so long that they couldn't even remember flying. My older children were just little babies and my little kids probably weren't even born the last time our entire family was on a plane. We left the big, cold storm in Colorado for the a wet and cloudy Seattle. IMG_2199That didn't stop our cousins from driving over the  mountains to come and see us, and it didn't stop the kids from playing basketball outside. IMG_2203
Uncle Dustin turned 34, so we pulled out all of our cameras and had a party
complete with an ice cream cake!
IMG_2296 Basketball skills were improved quite a bit while we were in Seattle. Even with the crummy weather it didn't stop the boys from going out and throwing the ball around. IMG_2253
We even had time to go to Lola's gymnastics meet, 
and Kai's basketball tournament. Good times!
IMG_6815 Super Bowl Sunday came quickly and I couldn't believe I was watching the Super Bowl in Seattle rather than in Colorado with my Bronco buddies. At least my lovely Seahawks friend knew who to root for. These lovely ladies and I have been friends since high school. 1Now we're all grown up with kids of our own, so where else should we meet up than at a park? ;) Even with the cold weather it didn't stop that kids from running and playing tag. It was just enough exercise before game time. IMG_2314We had a small little gathering with family to watch the Broncos victory of the Panthers. IMG_2331
Go Broncos!!
We returned to Denver just in time to miss the Broncos parade downtown, but don't worry my Lutheran Stud made it to the parade while we celebrated at the airport enjoying all the added blue and orange and Broncos jerseys all over. Departure boards even celebrated with extra exclamation points to Omaha!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Snowy and Cold Football

4 - 14It felt like winter arrived early and stayed late. It came fiercely and stuck around for days. The first snow of the season is always fun and exciting. The kids love to get outside as soon as they can and then I don't see them for hours.
IMG_0333     IMG_0321
Once the snow melted we thought things were back to normal again, but no, another storm was already on the way again.
2 - 7     2 - 8
This snow and cold made this football season almost unbearable, except that every game we went to was exciting, fun, and it ended with the Broncos winning! We also got to our seats and were greeted with orange mustaches in our cupholders during the Bengals game. We were told that by wearing the mustaches we broke a world record for the most people wearing false mustaches or something weird like that.
_MG_1862Brock Osweiler was our quarterback for all of the games we attended this past regular season. He was a fun to watch and moved around a little bit better than Peyton Manning. _MG_1921Not only was it a cold football season for us, but all of the regular season games that we attended were night games and games that went into overtime. Ugh!! We beat the Bengals. Yay! 1 - 4Hot chocolate was a warm consolation when Michaela and I were on a mission to find some cupcakes. Hey, we found each other at the game though we were two sections away from each other, so I guess we were 1 for 2.  _MG_1780Walking around during the game helped keep us warm and had us back in our seats in time to witness the game winning touchdown for the Broncos against the Patriots. It was such a satisfying win because of all the controversy surrounding the Patriots and all of their cheating. _MG_1782 Savoring the win against Patriots was wonderful, but we had our eye set on the real prize which first meant playoffs. 1 It was finally playoff time and tailgate time! Not only was it playoffs, but we got to go during the day. It felt a little warmer and the vodka helped with that too, I'm sure. _MG_2002Playoff time meant Peyton Manning was back! Everyone was excited. There weren't many dirty, yellow towels as there normally is in the crowd during a game versus the Steelers. _MG_2013I can't say that it was a pretty win or an easy win, but it was a win nonetheless. _MG_2035That win meant that the Broncos were moving on to the AFC Championship game!
  s - 1     s - 2      
 The entire city of Denver was excited for this game. Not only was it a rematch from earlier in the season, but a win meant a trip to the Super Bowl. _MG_2078The Broncos defense came out strong, especially against Tom Brady. They pretty much won the game for the Broncos. This was most definitely not a good game for Tom Brady or the Patriots. I think the Broncos sacked him four or six times. _MG_2178But hey, it was a win for the Broncos and that meant SUPER BOWL bound!! _MG_2183 Confetti was strewn all over the field. Some of it even made it to our seats. My Lutheran Stud couldn't resist and he picked up a piece of it and now carries it in his wallet. Can you say, "Crazy?" Just kidding, babe! Love you. ;) s - 9We stayed for the trophy celebration along with about 70,000 other people and it was insane and surreal. Super Bowl here we come, or rather here comes the Broncos!