Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Skysox Baseball

Living in Colorado we've become big fans of the Colorado Rockies. Baseball is such a fun, family friendly sport for all ages. The Rockies have a AAA team in Colorado Springs, just an hour and a half from us. When I got wind that they have a $2 Tuesday games we decided to jump on the chance to take the whole family. It's an affordable outing for a large family. ;)

IMG_0673.jpgThe Rockies have been hit with many injuries this year, and while we were hoping for a run to the world series the injuries on the team have been devastating to their season. As the Rockies recover from their injuries they are sent to play for the AAA, Skysox team as part of their rehab. 
_MG_6468.jpgOne of our newest favorite players for the Rockies, Nolan Arenado, broke his finger earlier in the season. He won the Gold Glove award last year and is so fun to watch at 3rd base. Anyway, we had perfect timing to watch him play for the Skysox as he was easing back into baseball, after being out of the game for several weeks. He was still wearing a brace on his hand to protect his finger.
_MG_6458.jpgThe Rockies pitching staff has also struggled this year, so players have been sent down or brought up from the Skysox to play for the Rockies. Juan Nicasio has been struggling a little this year, so he was sent down to the Skysox. He just happened to be pitching that evening that we drove down.
IMG_0683.jpgFor $2 we had fabulous seats behind home plate. The field was quaint, so we felt like we could jump right onto the field. The kids had a great time and can't wait to make it to a Rockies game soon!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Water, Sun, and Fun!

_MG_6482.jpgThe weather has been quite strange around here this summer. We've had heat waves close to 100 degrees and the very next day it can be in the 70s. Thankfully, when we planned our trip to the splash park it turned out to be a pretty warm day.
IMG_9484You would think that living near Kel we would get together more often, but for some reason that hasn't been the case this summer. We've had some pretty wild schedules to work around, but we finally got to see each other. :) _MG_6498.jpgWho likes having water dumped on them? My children do, of course. They count the seconds, hoping that they've guessed which cone is going to dump water on them.
_MG_6492.jpgMy little sunbathers run for the sidewalk after getting drenched by the water. Who needs towels when you have a warm sidewalk?
_MG_6490.jpgThe older girls enjoyed a little bracelet making time far away from the younger children. It was a win-win kind of a day with smiles on everyone's faces.

Monday, July 28, 2014

We Keep on Truckin'

IMG_9149June came and went just as quickly as this month of July is flying by. We finished up the boys' baseball season, 
IMG_9166made it to Krispy Kreme for free donuts,
IMG_9275celebrated 14 years of marriage,
IMG_9281played in the pool and drank Starbucks with friends,
IMG_9345attended our first Rockies' game of the season,
IMG_9350visited the library and received free book bags,
IMG_9364made  tractors, courtesy of Home Depot, at the foster care picnic,
IMG_0528while the older children attended the catechism retreat in Woodland Park, where they took archery lessons and learned about creation.

Thomas went horseback riding at camp!
IMG_9393As we rounded out the end of the month we said farewell to Hope's vicar.
IMG_9394Now they return to Ft. Wayne for their last year at the seminary.
With baseball finished we needed something else to keep us busy, so the 6 youngest began swimming lessons.
IMG_9403After a crazy month, a little shopping therapy and girl time was quite welcome!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

How Do We All Fit?

When you have 9 children people can't fathom how we can all fit into one house. First, there's a confused look on their face. Then it turns into a look of amazement. They become mesmerized when we say that the children share rooms and 9 children can share 3 different rooms. It's not an even split, but the arrangement we have works well for the time being. We have 4 boys and they all share a room.
My Lutheran Stud is quite talented. If I see something on Pinterest, more often than not, he can make it happen. We decided that making lofted beds for the children would give them a little more space. Our littlest girls share the smallest room. Thankfully, they all still fit on a toddler sized mattress. Our foster children have never had their own beds before. We found their beds on Craigslist and they were elated to when we told them they get to have their own beds.
Our oldest 2 girls share the last room. They're in the tween stage and enjoy hanging out in their room while the other children are usually playing together in other areas of our home. Most of the children's toys can be found in our basement, so a lot of their time is spent in the basement.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

IMG_0344Back in May I purchased a little point-and-shoot camera and it's been my go to camera ever since. It's so much easier to carry around, but the pictures definitely aren't as nice as my big camera as shown above in this blurry action photo. ;) With 11 children in the house we decided to get out and play, so we headed to the museum. 
IMG_0357There's a fun exhibit called Discovery Health where the kids learn everything about their heart rate to how their bodies regulate temperature and how their bones and muscles work together. It's pretty fun. We could spend hours just in that exhibit.
IMG_0373Another area had them digging for fossils. Sand and digging can keep a child occupied for hours too. Just sayin'. 
IMG_0369Puzzles for all ages and things for sensory play were also availbale.
IMG_0367Older children can also put guts back into a body. ;)
IMG_0377There's a drawing table and your drawing can also become a masterpiece on their wall.
IMG_9227We rode the elevator down to get a photo with this dinosaur! It's nice to have a family pass to the museum because there just isn't enough hours in the day to see and do everything there is to do.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hammond's Candy

IMG_0309.jpgBack in June we provided respite for our foster children's sisters, so they stayed with us for the week.  Our house was crammed full with 11 children, and had so much fun! 
IMG_0291.jpgHammond's candies is a local candy company here in Denver. They have a free tour that attracts many people for a visit.
IMG_0294.jpgIt's a pretty intriguing process to watch. The children loved it.
IMG_0302.jpgAfter the tour everyone got a piece of broken candy and time to expore the store.
IMG_0329With the tour being short and sweet we decided to head to the park on our way home. Can you believe these foster children have never been to the park?
IMG_0325Living in Colorado we're spoiled with several nice parks filled with not only a playground, but also rock climbing.
IMG_0327These kids got along so well that it was almost easier having 11 children than just 6 of my own. Scary isn't it?
IMG_0322There's something about monkey bars that everyone just loves. We could have stayed at the park all day, except that everyone was getting hungry.

Monday, July 21, 2014


_MG_6371.jpgOn Pentecost our oldest daughter, Rebecca, was confirmed. It was a glorious day!
I give you this instruction in keeping with the prophecies once made about you, so that by following them you may fight the good fight, holding on to faith and a good conscience. Some have rejected these and so have shipwrecked their faith. 1 Timothy 1:18b-19

_MG_6395.jpgShe received communion for the first time.
It looks like we will have confirmation celebrations for the next 6 years, God willing. They are all studious in studying their catechism and the memory program has helped to encourage them along the way. Thanks be to God! 
_MG_6310.jpgRebecca's godparents, Ryan and Sara, made a quick pit stop on their way home from visiting family. Unfortunately, they couldn't attend her confirmation because Ryan, being a pastor as well, had confirmation at his own church on the very same Sunday. We're glad they were able to stop by and visit with us!

Friday, July 18, 2014

10 in 10: Part 3

IMG_0898.jpgLast Sunday we were visited by Professor Ludwig, who has been teaching in Siberia, Russia. It was such a joy to hear a sermon from him. 
IMG_4462.jpgAfter church, he gave a presentation on his work in Siberia. 
IMG_4465.jpgWe came home for quick lunch of Melius pancakes and waffles.
IMG_4468.jpgI shot a short video during Professor Ludwig's presentation. It's nice that Patricia and I have matching Macs. I was able to share the video by dragging and dropping.
IMG_4472.jpgLegos are a staple in our home, and they get played with daily, by everyone.
IMG_4475.jpgMy Lutheran Stud and 7 children packed up to go camping for a few nights.
IMG_4479.jpgThey went with a friends from church. The girls are ready to go.
IMG_4482.jpgAfter they left the two little girls and I headed over to the Sampers house for dinner and cocktails!
IMG_4484.jpgHere's Carlos the grill master. The chicken was fantastic!
IMG_4485.jpgLittle Immanuel is going to be a pastor someday.  That's what he told his mother. He prays like nobody's business. There you have it! That's my 10 in 10 or maybe it was in 12. ;) You can't win 'em all, can you? Until next time. . .