Thursday, August 6, 2015

Our Home is For Sale

Filling a pod and getting our house ready to sell! #IHateMoving #ListingTheHouse #MovingInWithChickens #PodisFull #MyHouseisStillFull �� #9kids=TooMuchCrapWe ended up working a deal with the owners of the home in which we visited in March contingent on us selling our home in a reasonable time. As soon as the Fienes left we began packing and we loaded up a pod. Having a large family we've accumulated too much over the years. Some of those things we still needed, but other things we were able to give away or sell. The owners of our soon-to-be home let us park our pod in their driveway while we had our home on the market.
_MG_1273.jpgThe market in the Denver area has been insane. There are more buyers than there are homes to purchase causing home prices to sky rocket and bidding wars to ensue.
Sell1Since we have a large family and we homeschool our home has been catered around that. Most people interested in buying our home probably aren't looking for a home arranged the way we live day to day, so. . . Sell2we emptied our home, and using things we already have, we staged our home according to the way the rooms were "supposed" to be used.  Sell3Boy do I wish our home looked like this all the time. Sell4One can dream right? Once our home hit the market it was a little surreal. Within the first hour we had 3 or 4 showings scheduled for that very day. _MG_1267.jpgOne of biggest reasons for us wanting to move was our backyard. It's small. It causes our boys to hit many homer-runs when the attempt to play baseball or any other sport back there. Our neighbors were a little too close for our comfort. My husband grew up on 10 acres. You can't smell cigarette smoke or hear blaring loud music from the neighbors when you open your windows and you live on 10 acres, but you can on our current little plot. We sold our home in 4 days and got an offer above our asking price. Now it was time to start the real packing because we were moving. Yikes!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

April Flew By

April began with the celebration of David's 8th birthday and we continued the partying with two more birthdays that month. Our foster boys turned 6 and my husband, stayed the same age he thought he was last year. His old age is a making him forget how old he really is.
EasterOur Easter was pretty low key. We arrived to church earlier than normal to help with the pancake breakfast. Then the younger children hunted for Easter eggs and my husband preached a wonderful sermon. Later that evening we had a smaller crowd over and enjoyed supper and dessert with the Clemmers and Sampers!  
To close out the evening our children performed my favorite song from The Sound of Music. Enjoy! It's so sweet.

Our church softball team went out with a bang! By the end of the season I'm pretty sure the last team we played was a little shocked at how well we kept up with them.
FieneAt the end of April our friends, the Fienes, came out for a visit. Katie was a real trooper and listened to my girls read to her at the same time, attended baseball games, and even went to speech therapy with me and one of my foster boys. We did make it out to do a little shopping and hit up Starbucks. The last day of their visit we took them to Estes Park and we had dinner at Hans', now favorite Estes Park restaurant, Cheesy Lee's.

For as long as I can remember we've constantly been searching the MLS or Zillow for houses. My husband has flipped a few, and we've always been interested in a home with a bigger lot. Back in March we saw a home that we were interested in buying. By the end of April we decided to put our home on the market and start wheelin' and dealin' on the home we looked at back in March, thus begins the crazy that has become our life recently. Stay tuned for how it all went down. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

March Happenings


March found us with quite a full calendar. Along with Lenten services on Wednesday evenings we added church softball to our schedule and also began a little baseball for 5 of our children. Palm Sunday came at the end of the month. We love that Sunday and children were super excited to help out with palms again this year.

Two baseball games tonight at different fields. Wish I could go to both games. #NLLL #TheyLookLikeChristmas

Opening day of baseball was cold and dreary. In fact, it was canceled when we arrived at the field. It was that kind of a season for us. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

After the Valentine's Day Party

Wow! It's been over 2 months since I've blogged anything. Thank you for your kind comments and emails about my lack of blogging. Hopefully, I can get you caught up on what's been going on around here. 
The last half of February took a cold turn right after David completed level 8, Rachel level 6, and Anna level 2 in the Catechism memory program at church. We found ourselves with quite a bit of snow causing us to hit the slopes and do a little sledding. We even convinced one of our church members to join us after he plowed our driveway. We're so spoiled! The cold weather didn't stop us from heading out to see the Glass Slipper at the Buell theater. It was the perfect Valentine's day with another couple to boot!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Valentine's Day Happened...

_MG_0461.jpgFebruary seemed to creep up quickly for us. One minute it was still January and the next we were planning a get-together with friends for Valentine's day. We have a great group of homeschooling families in the area that we don't see nearly often enough. We tried to get together to decorate cookies for Christmas, but this mess happened and we never had a chance to get together.
_MG_0462.jpgSince we were feeling better in February we decided to host a little Valentine's party complete with cookie decorating.
_MG_0467.jpgSome new friends moved to town recently, so we invited them over, too.
_MG_0465.jpgThe kids had a great time making messes masterpieces.
_MG_0477.jpgThere were even a few cookies left for us moms to decorate a few cookies.
_MG_0481.jpgClearly, they're nothing like Kellee's cookies, but you've got to start somewhere, right?
_MG_0473.jpgThe children even created Valentines for their friends too.
_MG_0475.jpgEveryone went home with full bellies, decorated cookies, and a bag of goodies!
_MG_0479.jpgAnd, since I put this plastic tablecloth on my table clean up was a breeze!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Zoo in January

_MG_0381.jpgIt had been over a year since we had seen Mimi and Papa, so way back in January, they came to visit. It was such a beautiful day outside that we decided to take them to the zoo. Would you believe it if I told you just a few days earlier we had snow on the ground?

_MG_0389.jpgIt looks like the brown bears just finished lunch and were taking an afternoon nap.
_MG_0392.jpgThe gorillas were pretty entertaining that day, walking around near the windows.
We always enjoy the Gibbons when we visit. They do amazing acrobatic stunts, at least in my view, when they're swinging from the ropes or branches.

_MG_0399.jpgThe rhinos were a big hit with the spectators.
They now share their home with the elephants for our easier viewing pleasure. Since moving to this space it seems like they are more active when we visit.
Check out these crazy animals that climb logs. They don't even cage these guys up. They seem to roam free all over the zoo!

The tricks that these elephants perform are always fun to watch and the facts we learn about them are pretty amazing.

_MG_0423.jpgWho needs a penny when you can stamp it with a zoo logo.

Anna wanted to take off and find the giraffes, so she and I snuck away while the others were were perusing the hyenas and foxes.

It's a beautiful day to be at the zoo! #DenverZoo #zebras #giraffes #meandmybaby
Then we came across the zebras.

_MG_0431.jpgThe zebras were putting on a show for us without any coaxing.
_MG_0433.jpgSmile for the camera!
Once I tried to get the lion to smile with Mimi and Rachel he turned away. He wasn't having any of it. 

Friday, April 10, 2015


A little Jäger to warm up with before the game!! #DenBestFans #DenVsInd #GoBroncosWay back in January, after we returned from Phoenix, we were totally pumped to attend the Broncos first playoff game after getting a bye into the second round. This photo right here pretty much sums up the great time we had at the game. It was all good. . . before the game started. Comcast hosts a fabulous tailgate party complete with Jaegermeister shots, beer, vodka mixers, and plenty of food to soak up all of that alcohol.
_MG_0168.jpgMiles, the Broncos mascot, had the crowd roaring before the game.
_MG_0177.jpgThe Broncos made some impressive catches,
_MG_0180.jpgand a few good runs,
_MG_0186.jpgand even scored a touchdown.
_MG_0191.jpgThey made some great tackles too!
_MG_0200.jpgBut really, it was all downhill from there.
_MG_0204.jpgFrustration set in and little CJ had to hold the massive Ryan Clady back from getting in a fight,
_MG_0206.jpgwhile the little Ronnie held on to Franklin's jersey.
_MG_0201.jpgThe Colts just made better plays.
_MG_0221.jpgThey played a better game which sent a lot of fans home disappointed when the Colts won 24-13.
_MG_0242.jpgCan we just go back to that tailgating party before the game?