Thursday, November 10, 2016

Garden in July

IMG 3985As the summer started heating up I’d go out to the garden looking and hoping to find some vegetables that were ready to eat. Things seemed to move a little slow for me, but when I spotted some zucchini I was about to just rip it off the vine just to say, “We have food!” I restrained myself, though, and once this little zucchini was finally ready there was much more to follow.
IMG 3995I was leery about our corn being knee high by the 4th of July, but it started growing like weeds. Soon we couldn’t even find our children in the corn!
IMG 3997
IMG 4003Our little chicks weren't so little anymore. They started roaming around and exploring much more as the weather warmed up.

IMG 4004That little white chicken soon became known as Elvis and he now has several girls in his flock.IMG 4611Our green peppers were growing abundantly which has been quite nice since in years past they didn’t grow too well.
IMG 4612 We even picked up a few purple peppers. Did you know there was such a thing? I had no idea. They taste just like green peppers, not too sweet.
IMG 4614Again, it took longer than I thought, but the tomatoes were finally starting to grow. For the longest time, we just had a ton of little flowers.
IMG 4615We were getting so many jalapeƱos that they began weighing down the plants.IMG 4623This year we decided to try something new by growing green beans at the base of the corn so that they would climb the corn stalks.
IMG 4626I’ve read that San Marzano tomatoes have the least amount of liquid in them making them a good choice for making tomato past and sauces. We decided to try quite a few of those plants, so I could can or freeze them.
IMG 4629When I thought our kale wasn’t going to make it my sweet husband went and bought a few more starts. Somehow the kale that I didn’t think was going to make it pulled through and now we’ll be eating kale all winter. Oops!

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