Monday, November 14, 2016

4th of July

IMG 3923We spent the the 4th of July with friends who live quite close to a big fireworks show.
IMG 3930
 We had a small little show of our own and then headed out for the big show.
IMG 3937It was like we were sitting directly underneath the fireworks. They were beautiful. Every year Jared always tells me to sit back and enjoy the fireworks, but I can’t help but take photos of them. They’re just so beautiful not to share and remember for later.
IMG 3951
 I also get to practice my photography skills a little. I use a tripod, so I don't get any camera shake when I press the shutter button. I actually do get to enjoy the show because I'm not actually holding a camera.
IMG 3956

IMG 3961I usually focus my camera and then I use a remote to press the shutter down, so I don't even touch the camera. I think it helps the photos come out cleat and with very little blur.
IMG 3962
IMG 3969
IMG 3970

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