Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Basement Bathroom

IMG 4940“Remodelation” on a new bathroom in our basement has begun! We currently have 4 children living in our basement and 7 children sharing one bathroom in our home. Late at night it can feel like quite the trek to get to a bathroom in the middle of the night, so we thought it would be nice to add a bathroom to our basement, for the children’s sake, you know.
IMG 4942We had several church members happily volunteer to help with demolition of all kinds of things in our basement. We needed the ground jack-hammered and walls taken down.
IMG 4947We ladies made sure to stay hydrated, so we could take care of the children and have a little supper ready for the men when they finished all of their hard work.
IMG 4959They dug into the concrete leaving a huge mess of dirt and concrete chunks which needed to be disposed of somewhere.
IMG 4966That somewhere ended up being in buckets which were then carried up the stairs and out to our dumpster. Thankfully everyone pitched in, so it made for less trips up the stairs, but man was it all super heavy.IMG 4974It’s beginning to look a lot like a sump pump hole!
IMG 4978We could not be any happier with what was accomplished in one day. Demo went really well and we are on our way to a new bathroom.
IMG 4979

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Lauren said...

That's awesome. You guys amaze me with your DIY skills. I'm over here all worried about having to spackle if I don't like where I had a nail hole.