Monday, July 29, 2013

Vacation at Home?

IMG_5998.jpgQuinton, Summer, and their boys came and spent a week with us. They were needing a vacation and coming back to Colorado is always at the top of their list. We love having them stay with us. Our children have so much fun together and we adults have fun too!
IMG_6004A run to the grocery store was needed when they arrived. We left all 8 children with Quinton and took off. Summer and I may have added a few more pit stops to our itinerary. Last time they were here we made these. This time around we upgraded a little. Instead of mini donuts we used Krispy Kreme donuts because, well, they're Krispy Kreme. 
IMG_6015.jpgWe spent a litte time at the pool. This was great because the kids were worn out when we got back home.
_MG_0935.jpgWe also whipped up some last minute dinners that turned out pretty great! These bell peppers were super easy to make. They are just filled with taco meat and topped with cheese. 
_MG_0937.jpgThe children were treated to bedtime stories read by Summer. They could not have been any happier. Stay tuned for more fun adventures.

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