Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coffee and Donuts Redo

_MG_7655.jpgDo you remember these donuts from my last post? Of course you do. :) Well, as much as we enjoyed them the first time around we felt like there was something missing.
_MG_7628.jpgThis is Quinton and Summer. They're visiting from California right now._MG_7641.jpgQuinton was out doing a little shopping and decided that "donettes" weren't good enough, so he picked up these Little Debbies. :)
_MG_7621.jpgHe also said that there was a right way to put the ice cream on these cute little donuts, so we let him put the ice cream on them for us.
_MG_7626.jpgSee? This is his perfect little donut. It's perfect, right? Yes. It is. The chocolate doesn't melt of your fingers like it does with the Hostess donuts. These donuts are much better for this purpose.
_MG_7642.jpgIt's like these donuts weren't cheated with the chocolate. The chocolate doesn't melt as soon as you touch the donuts. They even look pretty good just by themselves.
_MG_7653.jpgSo the right way to put the ice cream on the donuts is to put small scoops around the donuts leaving a small space over the hole without covering it.
_MG_7661.jpgHow can you not want to eat these?
_MG_7664.jpgI bet a glass of milk would go well with this too. So there you go. Don't buy the Hostess donuts. Go for the Little Debbies, got it? We're ice cream donut sandwich connoisseurs now.

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oh great idea! I want one right now!

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