Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Annual Trip to the Mountains

_MG_9999.jpgThe Rocky Mountain Professional Church Workers' Conference is held at the Beaver Run Resort every year. If I were a lover of cold weather and snow I would probably try and make an effort to visit this place in the winter. It's a lovely place with ski runs that run right into the resort. There was a little snow dusting the tops of the mountains while we were there. The ski runs, you can see, were begging for snow.
_MG_9974.jpgThe Divine Service went off without a hitch and there were no worries of a return visit to the ER. Good thing since Dr. Stork no longer works there.
_MG_9977.jpgWe did a lot of exploring around the resort during our stay at Beaver Run. 
_MG_9921.jpgIt seemed like we ended up in the game room often. It kept the children occupied for quite awhile.
_MG_9929.jpgDavid learned the proper way to hold a golf club.
_MG_9925.jpgThomas tried to milk a cow to no success.
IMG_3233.jpgThe props on the mini-golf course represented the town of Breckenridge and the Beaver Run Resort.
_MG_9928.jpgThe little girls actually thought they were playing video games by climbing onto this game. That ended up saving me a lot of money.
_MG_9995.jpgThe older children enjoyed exploring the resort, on their own, with their friends. The resort is, seriously, just like a big huge maze.
IMG_3227.jpgWe even enjoyed dinner with friends one evening, and Anna enjoyed a little lipstick when she and her friend, Abby, locked themselves in the bathroom.
_MG_0003.jpgThe day we left we headed into town where the views of the mountains can be seen from anywhere downtown. Ski runs rule this town.
_MG_0004.jpgThe streets are lined with beautiful Aspen trees making you want to visit this beautiful little town doesn't it?

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Lauren said...

Anna looks beautiful but something tells me that your friend Carissa needs to teach her a thing or two.