Thursday, October 16, 2008


Every year, in the fall, we attend a church workers conference in Breckenridge, CO. It's a lot of fun. We get to see and visit with lots of friends from the Rocky Mountain District and the resort that we stay at is great! It is also a little stressful. The first year we attended this conference we made a brief visit to the hospital. This year we lost David while we were getting on the elevator to get to our room. Then on our way to the worship service Rebecca and Rachel ran into the elevator and the doors shut. When they opened again the girls weren't there. Eventually we found them and all was well. But what a nerve racking day it was.

Do you recognize the doctor? It's been a few years, but this was The Bachelor! He was Jared's doctor. And no it didn't work out with girl he chose.

Here are some photos of the beautiful trees we saw on our way there this year.

There was even a little hail storm.

Fun with friends! This year we got a two bedroom suite. The furniture was nicer than in our own house. Next year I don't think I will leave our room.

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tina said...

No, way, you saw Dr. Stork?! How crazy! We're due to go there next month. I might have to hurt myself ;)