Monday, October 22, 2012

A Day in Texas

FredericksburgPerhaps my Texas adventures have been a bit long-winded, but I don't care. My nickname isn't Camera Jan for nothing. I suppose if you're bit tired of all of our big-sized Texas fun you can move on to another web page, if not, keep on reading. :) Our last full day in Texas was spent doing things that all of us ladies just love to do: junking, eating, wining, and dancing. . .or rather watching other people dance. 
RedThere was a cute little shop on the downtown strip with fabulous decorating ideas which I hope to incorporate in my home someday. Who wouldn't want to have a carousel horse hanging from the ceiling?
Hondo's StageWe enjoyed a lovely lunch at Hondo's BBQ. They have live music in the evenings. That's Hondo hanging on the side of the stage. He's always around, so you can't miss him.
Hondo's BBQSweet potato fries are served in old tin cans. They hold a ton of fries. TONS.
JunkingWe hit up a few antique stores to look through peoples' junk which soon became treasures for us.
Fredericksburg WineryWe checked out a few wine tasting places too. More on that drama another day, or you can check out Heather's blog for more details.
_MG_9852.jpgWe shined up our boots. . .
_MG_9836.jpggot a little dressed up. . . 
Luckenbachand headed to the Luckenbach dance hall where the population is 3. Really.
LuckenbachWe listened to old-fashioned country music and watched some old-fashioned country dancing. It was awesome and fun. I'm sure I would have been on that dance floor if I had had a few more lime-aritas. Maybe next time.


Lauren said...

A few more Lime-A-Ritas and you would have been passed out on the dance floor, girl. :)

This was such a fun trip. Glad we got to spend it together.

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