Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Break in Breck!

After returning form Texas, we spent a few days in Breckenridge for the Rocky Mountain Workers' Conference. During that time we don't see my Lutheran Stud much because he's usually sitting in on some sessions and learning all sorts of Lutherany good stuff.
_MG_9939.jpgHowever, there was one morning, when the children went to VBS, we took off and did a little jeeping. Pastor Graff, from New Mexico, lead the way and we followed in our Land Cruiser. It was meant for jeeping you know.
_MG_9932.jpgThe terrain can get a little narrow and rocky, and tricky to maneuver. Pastor Graff is seasoned in jeeping so, when we thought we were stuck he took over our Land Cruiser, wiggled and rammed it up the hill and we were good to go!
_MG_9936.jpgThat was the narrow hill we just climbed in the Land Cruiser.
_MG_9941.jpgThe trail was pretty rocky, but the ride was pretty smooth. The Land Cruiser is the perfect jeeping vehicle. ;)
_MG_9945.jpgWe reached the summit and it was pretty nice. Last year, it was snowing and the wind was atrocious.
_MG_9947.jpgThings were pretty bare at the summit. Blue skies and and puffy clouds made it gorgeous though.
_MG_9950.jpgIt was a tad windy and cold. Mandy and I had trouble controlling our hair.
_MG_9960.jpgBelieve it or not we made it to the Continental Divide. It kind of looks warm doesn't it? Well, it didn't take long and Mandy and I were back in our warm car.
_MG_9963.jpgYou could see for miles and miles.
_MG_9966.jpgWhen pastors get together theology always comes up. It doesn't matter how cold it is outside, the conversation can last forever. We thought they were getting cold and we would be heading back down the mountain, but no, we were wrong. These fine men returned to the vehicles just to grab warmer clothes. Then it was back to the discussion. Mandy and I just sat back in our warm vehicle with our heated seats and warmth from the heater.
_MG_9968.jpgFinally, back down the hill. It's a beautiful view don't you think? I really have no complaints about living in Colorado.
_MG_9969.jpgBeautiful streams and a beautiful view makes the ride relaxing and one doesn't even notice all the bumping around.
_MG_9971.jpgThe ride back into town was even nice. So, y'all come out and visit us in Colorado. I'll make it worth your while.


Lauren said...

How fun! And the scenery is stunning. I'd take some of that blue sky and sunshine right about now.

Andrea said...

Your photos are gorgeous! I love the mountains. I live in the PNW and love the mountains there. Thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

That was Georgia pass? Looks like lots of fun!

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