Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Goodies

Summer seems to be in full swing around here with 100 degrees weather. I think we skipped spring altogether. It makes me wonder if things will ever cool down around here. With warm weather it seems like there are more get togethers with friends and family, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite summer goodies with you.
Limeade14Obviously cherry limeade reminds one of the tasty slushy drinks from Sonic, but it also is a great summer treat in cupcake form. They are always a hit at summer get togethers. You can find this Cherry Limeade recipe here.
_MG_8112.jpgDo you remember those Bomb Pop popsicles? I remember getting them when the ice cream truck came by. Well, now you can make them in cupcake form and they won't melt on you. . . unless they're kept in the crazy heat, like it's been out here. You can find this Bomb Pop Cupcake recipe here.
_MG_8019.jpgFor your adult friends these Rum Punch cupcakes are perfect with their pineapple cream frosting. They taste like you're eating a Pina Colada!
_MG_7897.jpgThese strawberries and cream are a rather refreshing and easy treat to make. Once you eat one you won't be able to stop. They're perfect for this strawberry season we have going on right now.
_MG_5789.jpgDo you have a picnic or potluck to attend? These mini cheesecakes are perfectly travel sized. Who doesn't love cheesecake? Some other summer favorites of mine are these Lemon Bars and Margarita cupcakes. So there you have it. Now get baking for that upcoming summer party!


Adriane said...

Whoa. You've been busy, lady!

Gretchen said...

You're making me hungry. I'm testing fall recipes all week here, so it's roast chicken and pumpkins and gingerbread and squash soup. Which will be great when it's 55 degrees and not 95!