Monday, October 10, 2011

Mountain Adventure

_MG_0962.jpgAfter dragging the children on a scenic drive they were ready to get out of the car.
_MG_0967.jpgWe decided to explore Breckenridge by way of  geocaching.
_MG_0970.jpgOff we go. It looks like the cache is up this steep hill.
_MG_0971.jpgIt was a bit rough for the little ones to climb up the hill. They eventually made it with a little help.
_MG_0976.jpgRachel found the cache and it was filled with little toys.
_MG_0977.jpgShe's hiding the cache back where it was. It had been a week since it was last found.
_MG_0979.jpgOnce you find one cache it gets a bit addicting, so we had to search for another one.
_MG_0981.jpgThis has to be one of the best ways to explore a new area and take in the goregeous landscape.
_MG_0985.jpgCan you guess where the next cache was? It started raining a bit on us, but here in Colorado if you wait just ten minutes the weather is sure to change, and it did.
_MG_0986.jpgThis little cache was found after much searching around the bridge.
_MG_0987.jpgIt was a small container and very easy to miss. It only had room for a record keeping notebook.
_MG_0991.jpgIt was hidden close to town.
_MG_0993.jpgSometimes all you need for a photo is a camera and a self timer.
_MG_0994.jpgThat was a our little geocaching adventure in Breckenridge.


Lauren said...

How fun! Rebecca looks so grown-up, Jan. And that family photo would have been even better if only Jared could have kept his eyes open. :)

Melissa said...

What a wonderful day. I do "letterboxing," (, which is much like geocaching.

And, I've been following your posts on trying to get good family pics, and, if I do say so, this last one is brilliant! The colors and contrast, all your beautiful and clear faces. Yeah. That one's my vote. :)

Gretchen said...

Your mountain photos are gorgeous, Jan. And I love your hair. It looks good long.

JAN said...

Jared just always wanted to be a slat eye. :)

Thanks Gretchen! I'm not sure what I'm doing with my hair right now. It was actually longer when we were at the sem.

JAN said...

I'll have to look into Letterboxing. Sounds interesting.

Kellee said...

I think your hair looks great too! And it looks like you had a lovely time.