Sunday, October 9, 2011


_MG_0923.jpgWhen we arrived in Breckenridge the weather looked as though it was starting to turn and a storm was its way to town. I really wanted to see the beautiful Aspens in all their glory so we headed out quickly for Boreas Pass.
_MG_0924.jpgThe weather in Colorado is quite fickle, so I knew we wouldn't have much time to view the gorgeous trees. As quickly as the Aspen leaves turn yellow their leaves are also at risk of getting blown off their branches.
_MG_0927.jpgA gush of harsh wind will take the leaves off the trees in just minutes. I think we may have seen the tail end of these beautiful trees.
_MG_0938.jpgWe drove up close to the tree line. Here in Colorado the tree line is 12,000 ft. You can see that the trees are starting to look sparse.
_MG_0939.jpgAs we headed back toward town the trees became more dense.
_MG_0943.jpgHave you ever seen those Jeep commercials where the Jeep is driving through the creek? Well my Lutheran Stud wanted to try that in our Land Cruiser.
_MG_0944.jpgBecause this is what a Land Cruiser is meant to do we crossed this little creek.
_MG_0947.jpgBoreas Pass used to be a railroad pass between Denver and Leadville. That red water tank used to be a stop for trains fill up with water.
_MG_0959.jpgNow hikers and bikers use the pass and you can see why. The view is gorgeous. That's Breckenridge down below.
_MG_0952.jpgNow are you ready to move to Colorado?

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Erin said...

Will. Never. Leave. Wisconsin.

Lake Michigan owns my heart and Sheboygan County has a firm hold on my accent.