Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Work and Play

_MG_4435.jpgWhenever Kellee and I get together we have plans. Whether we get everything done that we plan is a different story. There is always cute food involved too! It doesn't hurt, right? Can you guess what these are?
_MG_4441.jpgThe kids ate them as part of their lunch.
_MG_4442.jpgThis was about the only time during the day that we actually saw the older children. They spent most of the day playing outside. Yay for warmer weather.
_MG_4443.jpgHave you figured out what they had for lunch yet?
_MG_4439.jpgNow? They are peanut butter and jelly sushi sandwich rolls. Aren't they cute and clever? 
_MG_4449.jpgDessert was pudding with marshmallows. Neena, you should have been here. We could have used a marshmallow thrower.
_MG_4447.jpgSince dried beef was no where to be found, Kellee just pulled these out of the fridge. Handy and delicious. 
_MG_4455.jpgAfter lunch the little girls played indoors and the older children just magically disappeared.
_MG_4467.jpgPriscilla went down for a nap and my girls decided that the eggs in the basket had to come out and they went in.
_MG_4450.jpgI made Kellee work. It's why I keep her around. Just kidding, Kellee! I just sat around and drank coffee, while Kellee put these cupcake toppers together. Hey, I did make the train toppers on the computer. I also made cinnamon rolls for us earlier, okay?
_MG_4459.jpgPriscilla woke up from her nap and demanded marshmallows for a snack. It must be a Dorr thing. :)
_MG_4461.jpgWhen Kellee finished the cupcake toppers I said I wasn't leaving unless she made me some pizzelles. I am the best friend ever! Have you ever had pizzelles? They are fabulous. Now, after she made them for me, I feel like I really need a pizzelle maker. Do you think I can pick one up at Goodwill? Now it's on my list along with the V-Slicer.
_MG_4486.jpgMaybe it's a good thing that I don't have a pizzelle maker. I'd probably make them all the time, along with cookies and granola. Yikes!
Kel.jpgSince I've been emailing some friends back and forth, lately, about style things, and what we wear on a daily basis or to church, I had Rebecca take a photo of Kellee and me. I like to layer my clothing since I am often cold. (Jeni, I think that's why I always think you look so cute. The cardigan/cami ensemble fits me well.) 
_MG_4554.jpgIn case you missed David's birthday post, these were his cupcake toppers. They turned out quite well, I think.


Adriane said...

A) If that qualifies as sushi, I am now a fan.
B) My nieces are adorable . . . and slightly mischievous . . . and also adorable.
C) Your kids are probably the cutest dark-haired little people that I know.
D) Kel, you take the cute hair award. (We Dorr sisters hand that award off quite a bit.)
E) Both of your outfits are sooo hip!
F) I'm jealous. I want to hang out too.
G) Pout.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Well..I guessed the peanut butter & jelly rolls...cute and clever! I want to find a pizelle maker too...I will keep my eyes out for one now!

Kellee said...

I would like to just say thank you for not posting the pictures for my home tour :)

The ones of the girls are great and we are pretty cute too! We should really get together like every day.

Kristen said...

Ah, pizzelles. I learned of them from a family for whom I baby-sat. I am probably the only 8th grader who requested one for Christmas (years ago) and got it! What a great treat...especially with ice cream on top!

Lauren said...

David and Thomas have awesomely spiked hair. Love it!