Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's My Birthday

Whenever we have a birthday in this house the kids get really giddy. Yesterday was no exception. Rachel woke David up to tell him that it was his birthday. At first he wasn't too excited. He was a little grumpy and still tired. That quickly changed once he had breakfast. Then, whenever he saw anyone he would say, "Today is my birthday. Tell me Happy Birthday."
I asked David what kind of cupcakes he wanted and he said "twain pupcakes."

"Okay, I can make train cupcakes, but what flavor do you want? Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry?"

"I just want twain." Alrighty then, I guess I'll just have to decide for myself. Since I know that David really likes to snitch cookie dough when I make cookies I decided to make Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes. Yum! (The recipe will be in a different post.)
For both, Elizabeth and Anna's first birthdays I made mini individual cakes for each of them. When David saw them he said he wanted a cake like theirs. Oops! I failed him. I completely forgot when I was making these cupcakes, so in an attempt to make his "cake" I put three cupcakes together. He was fine with it and actually thought it looked neat. Whew!
Kellee was kind enough to help me make the cupcake toppers and pennant banner. Aren't they that cute?_MG_4567.jpg
For dinner, David requested hot dogs and oranges. Really?  So we grilled brats and hot dogs for dinner. Then sang and had cake._MG_4586.jpg
The girls made little gifts for him and we purchased a few little things. But, then, there was this last little present._MG_4592.jpgIt's a hermit crab! David really wasn't into it at first. Rachel and I had gone shopping the week before and we saw a kiosk for hermit crabs at the mall. Seriously, right? Well, Rachel just loved them. The ones at the mall had painted shells that were just beautiful. I mentioned it to Jared when we got home. He picked one up at the pet store for David. Now all the older children want one. We've been reading about them and they actually like to be in groups. We have quite a few birthdays coming, so. . . 


Lauren said...

What a great birthday! And a hermit crab . . . I love it!

Erin said...

I have made those chocolate chip cookie dough "twain" cupcakes. Amazing. Seriously life altering awesomeness.

I made Isabel an ugly pink cake today for her birthday. Sorry no pictures, EVER.

JAN said...

It was a fun birthday!

What happened to Izzy's cake. Now I want to see it. Email me pics, please? ;)

Adriane said...

I want twain cupcakes too! And a hermit crab! And oranges! David, you are livin' the dream, my man.

Kellee said...

The party looks great! I am glad I could help out. And by help out, I mean make all those while you drank coffee and watched me :)