Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Rodeo

So, what does one do when your husband is out of town for the week and you have 9 antsy children in the house? Well, you take them to the rodeo, of course. 
_MG_6562.jpgThe skies opened up in the beginning of the week and rain just kept coming down. I felt like I was back home, in Seattle, although it wasn't a drizzly rain, but a real umbrella-like rain, so that made things a little more depressing. Roads were getting flooded and there was no sign that the rain was going to end. Perhaps you saw it on the news; my husband did. Anyway, by Thursday things were looking up and the sun was shining. IMG_9679We headed to the Adams County Fair to watch the rodeo. David borught the perfect sweatshirt with him. It says, "There will be mud," and guess what? There was a ton of mud with no way to get rid of it. 
_MG_6570.jpgThe beginning of the rodeo was all about our future cowboys. They call this Mutton Bustin'. These kids are so cute!
_MG_6575.jpgThe goal is stay on for 6 seconds. It was rare to see that happen, but the kids sure had fun. They loved falling into the mud. It was like an extra cushion to soften their fall.
_MG_6580.jpgWhen you attend the rodeo there is always a little entertainment. With our seats being prety close the kids were able to see this guy's face and his face paint. They decided that he was more of a scary clown than a funny entertainer. 
IMG_9688The fair queens walked around giving all the children cowboy hats. You should see my house. I have hats everywhere now! 
_MG_6597.jpgAfter a little mutton bustin' we got watch a little Bronc riding. I'm not sure the horses enjoyed the mud.
_MG_6601.jpgIt was little slick out there for everyone.
_MG_6606.jpgI'm not sure that the cowboys enjoyed the mud either. 
_MG_6637.jpgTeam roping was up next.
_MG_6638.jpgWhat tricky event. I can't even get a lasso going on my own, so I can't imagine doing it with a partner.
IMG_9693With the smell of fair food everywhere we had to get a few funnel cakes and lemonades. Thankfully, we were given food and drink vouchers and used just about all $50 of it on just this. Insane, right?
_MG_6645.jpgBarrel racing is always fun to watch, but on this night a few horses were spooked by the mud. 
The bulls were a little feisty that evening too. 
_MG_6666.jpgThis particular bull found it entertaining to knock the barrel over along with the rodeo clown inside. I found it quite amusing too.
_MG_6678.jpgThen he had to show off a little after it was all said and done.
_MG_6661.jpgThere were just a couple cowboys that actually had qualifying rides that evening, but it sure was fun to cheer them on! Small town rodeos are so fun. If you live near one be sure to check it out. There's nothing more entertaining or fun!


Lauren said...

Mud, funnel cakes, lemonades, and a rodeo? Count me in!! Looks like fun.

Rachel Francisco said...

So, guess we need to take a trip to CO around this time next year… Rodeo Field Trip, here we come!!