Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Violet, Dumbo, and Friends

_MG_9259.jpgThis past Saturday we were invited to celebrate the 2nd birthday of this little firecracker, Violet.
_MG_9238.jpgThis party was all about Dumbo. Have you seen the movie? I borrowed it from the library for my children to view before the party. Wow! It's been forever since I've seen that movie and I had forgotten about a lot of it. Like, how Dumbo drinks wine and gets drunk or when the black crows are all smoking cigars. That all must have slipped my mind.
_MG_9245.jpgAnyway, Heather made another fabulous cake right down to the cake topper. Amazing isn't it? I wish I had her artistic abilities.
_MG_9256.jpgA circus wouldn't be complete without popcorn.
_MG_9246.jpgThe popcorn was a huge hit with the children. I know because there was popcorn all over the house when we left.
_MG_9251.jpgNutter Butters, cake pops, and a little vintage elephant were also part of this amazing, sugar-high spread for the children.
_MG_9286.jpgOf course no party would be complete without cookies made by Kel. These Dumbo cookies were fabulous!
_MG_9273.jpgHeather even made this adorable Dumbo bunting. Not a single detail was over looked. 
_MG_9298.jpgThe children were all surprised when this guest showed up.
_MG_9304.jpgViolet felt a little safer in her dad's arms.
_MG_9315.jpgRachel, on the other hand, loved helping out.
_MG_9348.jpgJustin was feeling a little "ill" so he needed to be checked out with Eisley's help.
_MG_9352.jpgIt turns out that he was full of worms and bugs.
_MG_9373.jpgRebecca and Eisley even helped do a little chicken dance.
_MG_9382.jpgViolet finally warmed up to Coconut the Clown when she was given a little pom pom. She promptly went around shaking her magic pom pom dust on everyone.
_MG_9405.jpgCake time!!
_MG_9412.jpgWhile the cake was pretty great, Violet was more into her popcorn.
_MG_9420.jpgKel insisted that I stop taking photos of the back of her head, so we thought a group shot would be better.
_MG_9283.jpgWith all the goodies these children had already received they also went home with their very own copy of Dumbo. As always we had a fantastic time. My entire family, including my Lutheran Stud, all crashed in bed by 8:30PM that night. Now that's a sign of a good time. :) Thanks letting us join you in celebrating your birthday, Violet!! You can check out Heather's blog for more pics.

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