Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Heading Home

_MG_9602.jpgWhile it was hard to leave Washington, we were also eager to return home. The roads were clear and the weather was beautiful. Can you guess what mountain this is?
_MG_9605.jpgDid I mention that on our way out to Washington we were an hour from my parents' house when the interstate got shut down? We sat in our car for almost 2 hours while the DOT decided to do some rock blasting. On our way back to Colorado they shut the interstate down in Oregon due to a semi-truck accident. While it was no fun having to wait for the interstate to open back up we were fortunate enough to make it to a truck stop for food and a restroom. We rolled into our hotel late into the night  only to run into another road closure the next day. AHHHH!!! We were just hours from home when then interstate in Wyoming got shut down. This time we were close enough to detour our way into Colorado through some back roads.
_MG_9609.jpgWide open spaces in Wyoming were quite nice and made for a pleasant drive.
_MG_9612.jpgThe mountain trees were brushed with snow.
_MG_9614.jpgWyoming turned out to be more beautiful than I had thought. We finally made it home 2 hours later than we had planned, but we made it safe and sound and could not have been happier to be home. I didn't leave my house for several days after returning home. I just couldn't get into a vehicle again. What an adventure we had. Until next time. . .

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