Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rockies …again!

 Rocks1  We went to the Rockies game again.  Does that surprise you?  It might be an obsession or addiction that we have, or we maybe we’re just the best fans ever.  If someone wants to invite us to a game we never say, “no.” This was pregame stuff. Do you like that mohawk?  It’s the trend now.Rocks2Denver is fortunate enough to have a beautiful city view as well mountain views.Rocks3It just happened to be 9/11 when we went to the game. This awesome group of military men just returned home from combat.  I have to say that they are rock stars for taking care of our awesome country. Rocks4 We actually made it to the game in time to sing the national anthem.  That rarely happens with us.Rocks5 Carlos Gonzalez is one of our family’s favorite players.  This particular week he was named player of the week.  He’s a rock star too!Rocks6It was a hot, hot day, and we sat in the hot, hot sun. Yikes! RocksLeon and Gina are our Rockies friends.  Leon is my texting buddy. We can be found texting each other back and forth during the game if we aren’t physically at the game.Rocks7Now that’s a solid hit right there. It was a pretty slow moving game. Rocks9 Then we found out that Heather, Michael, and little Nathan were sitting nearing us.  That was a hoot!  There were open seats near us, so they joined us.Rocks10Then things started heating up. The Rockies had runners on 1st and 3rd.  Big things are going to start happening.Rocks14Heather took over my camera for a bit and played around. Rocks11 The Rockies scored a few runs, so this green guy started dancing. Yeah, I wish I had worn my green suit.Rocks12 Aren’t they just the cutest little family.  Nathan did so well even when it was getting late. 

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Monique said...

That's a great photo of you and Jared.