Saturday, December 20, 2014


IMG_0659If you stop by our house and we haven't seen you in awhile, watch out! This is what happened when Mike and Laurel popped in to say and "Hi" and drop off some Pyrex. :)
IMG_0664We had some new friends over this year and our kids had a fabulous time together!
I put Mandy in charge of setting the table, so if it's all wrong blame her, not me. ;) She and Rachel even folded the napkins. Aren't they cute?
_MG_9101.jpgWe stuck the little kids in the kitchen so they could make a huge mess if they so pleased.
IMG_0665Our new friends Wendy (and Shawn) just moved to Fort Collins and strangely enough, they are friends with our old friends, the Andersons, that moved to California a few years ago. They are also friends with my stalker friend, Rachel. It's definitely a small world when you're Lutheran.
_MG_9107.jpgDessert was defintiely plentiful that evening. If you wanted something pumpkin you had several choices, if not, your only other choice was the apple pie
IMG_0660that my daughters, Rebecca and Rachel helped me make. It was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

We had little doggie guests too, and they were a huge hit with the kids as well as vacuum cleaners. My floors have never been cleaner!
This could be a new tradition: Starbucks, Christmas music, and Black Friday shopping. Oh, and dressing like twins! #ConqueredBlackFriday #DealsAndStealsThe party didn't end with Thanksgiving day. The Clemmers stayed over, Mandy and I slept in, and then it was off to do some Black Friday shopping. We even dressed similarly and didn't plan that.


Lauren said...

It's so fun to have such a small world, isn't it? And what a lovely Thanksgiving table, complete with napkins! ;)

Jan Melius said...

Lauren, I pull out the napkins for special occasions. ;)