Friday, October 31, 2014

Rock Creek Farms

_MG_8314.jpgSince we didn't have a garden and grow pumpkins this year we decided to visit the local pumpkin patch to find some pumpkins.
_MG_8317.jpgThere were pumpkins everywhere. The displays were not nearly as cool as The Great Pumpkin Patch, however, there was plenty to do to keep the children running all afternoon.
_MG_8323.jpgThe clouds and mountains behind us looked just like a painting on a canvas.
_MG_8351.jpgI think we picked the perfect day because we had almost the entire place to ourselves. The children were able to run free!
_MG_8354.jpgDon't you just love the fun signs that pumpkin patches have so your heads have something to do?
_MG_8361.jpgHere's a scarecrow and her little pumpkin sister!
_MG_8369.jpgThere was even a petting zoo area, or rather and area in which to view the animals. There were signs that asked people not to touch them for fear that they may nibble some fingers off of small children.
_MG_8368.jpgThe cows were loud and chatty with us.
_MG_8387.jpgThey're on the run again!
_MG_8391.jpgJumpy castles were spotted and they weren't tired enough, so jumping in a pumpkin had to be done.
_MG_8409.jpg _MG_8402.jpg
The slide was also quite bouncy when bouncing as you slide down.
_MG_8375.jpgReena and her cuties joined us for a fun afternoon.
image image
Of course we couldn't leave without a few pumpkins, and if I'm going to buy pumpkins you can bet that I'm going to find the best pumpkin out there! Happy Reformation Day and Happy Halloween, too!

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