Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Great Pumpkin Patch

After surviving the previous night's bonfire we packed up all of our children and headed to the pumpkin patch. 

This is like THE pumpkin patch of all pumpkin patches. People travel from all around the world to visit The Great Pumpkin Patch, and now I know why.

There are gorgeous flowers and awesome gourds everywhere!

If you're in the area or even just a few hours away you should plan a trip to The Great Pumpkin Patch. Here's a map of all of the awesomeness.

There are plenty of photo opportunities at this place as well. Our children seem to know the drill and they were happy to oblige. 

Cute signs were everywhere.

Of course when you have cute little signs you must have cute little squash to go with them.

This pumpkin patch has been featured on Martha Stewart and the gentleman in the photo with her helped us with our pumpkin and squash seed purchase. He was super friendly as was everyone who worked there.

The Great Pumpkin Patch is famous for their massive gourd piles. How fun is that? It's like a mini mountain. . . of gourds.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner it was only fitting to have a turkey made of hay laying around. (I know what you are thinking, "It's December and there is snow on the ground right." Yes, that is right, but when we visited it was September. Yikes! I'm so behind on my blogging.)
These cut outs could be found all over the place and the children loved poking their cute faces through the holes.

Mazes of all sorts were also at the pumpkin patch. Have you ever participated in a soybean maze?

Here's the sunflower maze!

Noah's Ark, 

and Little Red Riding Hood also made appearances.

Lauren was amazing in packing up a cooler with lunch complete with beer for the dads!

When you visit a pumpkin patch it's always good to see that there is a big corn maze too!

Of course you can't visit a pumpkin patch without actually seeing a pumpkin patch right? This one seemed to go on for miles.

Another group shot of adorable children!
While our children disappeared into a straw bale maze we adults had time to stand around and chat.

How cool is this barn! It's full of pumpkins and squash.

It also houses the 3 little pigs, who were taking a nap behind their cute little houses.

So, there you have one awesome pumpkin patch and since I made this post so long maybe you don't need to visit because it looks like you've already seen everything. You should still visit because your children will love this place, and so will you!

Since we were nearby we made  quick stop to the Beachy's Country Store. It is run by an Amish community that doesn't use electricity for anything but, has no problem using a baler pulled by horses. I'll let you think about that one.

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Lauren said...

This was such a fun day! Gorgeous weather and we had the place to ourselves. Thanks for stopping through. I'm off to Beachy's next week to place your order. :)