Monday, July 14, 2014

Double Digits

_MG_6198.jpgAs May was quickly coming to an end we celebrated Rachel's 10th birthday! 
_MG_6166.jpgSince the zoo has some fun free goodies on your birthday, Rachel was pretty excited to make a visit. When we arrived we noticed that this massive hippo, which normally never leaves his little pond, was on a mission. 
_MG_6174.jpgHe was chasing little ducklings which then jumped into his pond. They were swimming away so happily.
_MG_6177.jpgI believe the hippo felt like they were invading his territory, so he made a mad dash back into his pond. While I've never seen a hippo move so quickly, those ducklings made a faster getaway. It was a pretty incredible sight to behold. The duckilngs got away and the crowd cheered.
_MG_6183.jpgAfter quite the show from the hippo we headed over to feed the Lorikeets. These birds seem to be on a daily sugar high from the continual feeding of the sugar water mixture.
_MG_6189.jpgThey do tend to fly away when they've had too much though, so maybe not a sugar high? I think when they're full they like to climb to higher ground and hide, but tall parents always find them.
_MG_6217.jpgThere's something about flamingoes isn't there? It takes talent to stand on such a skinny little leg. When you've got two why only use one?
_MG_6213.jpgThe gorillas were also on the move climbing and checking out the crowd. How would you like to run into that guy in a forest?
_MG_6230.jpgBirthdays also include a free ride on the carousel and when the children are under a certain height they get to ride free too! The children have so much fun on this thing that just makes me dizzy and throws off my equilibrium.
IMG_0210This little mama's girl would rather hang out with me than ride the carousel. How sweet is she?
_MG_6248.jpgThis elegphant was on a mission to move a massive tree trunk. It must be similar to children throwing a ball around.
After a small storm blew in we decided we should head home and keep the party going. I finished Rachel's cupcakes while she licked the frosting. _MG_6264.jpgI found a fun little cupcake book at the library called Trophy Cupcakes. Rachel thumbed through it and decided she wanted Bananas Foster cupcakes. 
_MG_6277.jpgThe cupcakes were fantastic and we had a blast celebrating our new 10 year old's birthday!

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Lauren said...

How can she be 10?!

She's a lovely, sweet girl. Happy belated birthday, Rachel.