Thursday, January 30, 2014


_MG_4515.jpgIt almost felt like dejá vu arriving for the playoffs this year. After what happened last year, and our loss to the Chargers earlier this season there was a little anxiety among us.
IMG_8082We've been spoiled with a parking pass in the Comcast parking lot, just steps away from the stadium, along with a pass to their tailgating party this season.Jäger shot before the game! That's the only one I needed.Comcast throws a mean party. They bring in restaurants from all over Denver and also provide us with beer, wine, and Jägermeister shots. I had my very first shot of Jäger at this tailgate party and it was divine. Jäger where have you been all my life? All I needed was one shot and I was ready for the game.
_MG_4524.jpgThe wind started picking up even before the game began. Pre-game prep was going on when it was decided that the massive Bronco just wasn't going to make it. These guys were having a hard time holding it up.
_MG_4526.jpgThese strong military men were even having a hard time with their flags and the goal posts kept leaning.
_MG_4545.jpgThe game began and the wind was forgotten. . . for awhile.
_MG_4549.jpgOur defense came out strong. We were pumped!
_MG_4560.jpgThen our receivers began catching air!
_MG_4565.jpgRuns were made up the middle, and
_MG_4576.jpg touchdowns were scored!!!
_MG_4589.jpgOur receivers continued to plow their way through the Chargers' defense.
_MG_4600.jpgMr. Rivers was getting really frustrated and taking it out on the referee.

_MG_4613.jpgWe kept catching the ball.
_MG_4621.jpgThe crowd was excited, but we had to be quiet when Manning was calling plays.
_MG_4624.jpgIt took two of their guys to take down one of our smallest players at 5'9".
_MG_4628.jpgHere we go dancing again!
_MG_4630.jpgLittle Welker is small, but powerful.
IMG_8087Did I mention that it was a little cold? The hot chocolate definitely helped.
_MG_4644.jpgSomeone thought it would be fun to stick a bungee cord on the net and pull it down during the extra point. The ball ended up in the crowd. Everyone cheered!
_MG_4650.jpgHere's Peyton Manning working his magic.
_MG_4653.jpgHe may have said, "Omaha, Omaha, Omaha" here. I can't remember. The wind was blowing.
_MG_4657.jpgThe game ended in victory for the Broncos and we fans were pretty excited because last year did not end in a victory for us.
IMG_8088The next game was already set and it was hard to contain our giddiness. 

Leon and Jared attended the championship game. I decided not to go, but I'm glad they went and got to be part of such a fun game! Go Broncos!

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