Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Little Fresh Air

_MG_3721.jpgAfter being couped up for a few days we needed to run off the energy in these chidren!
_MG_3693.jpgOff to our favorite park we went. It was a race down the slides.
_MG_3715.jpg   _MG_3708.jpg
A lot of climbing and sliding was going on at this park.
_MG_3673.jpg   _MG_3674.jpg
A hot game of tag was also going on. _MG_3690.jpgThis park is not just for small children. It's for children of all ages and sizes!
_MG_3667.jpg _MG_3678.jpg
_MG_3765.jpgMerry-go-round for 10?
_MG_3736.jpgOf course we always have to get a few group shots taken. Am I right?
_MG_3732.jpg   _MG_3727.jpg
All of this awesomeness has to be remembered and documented. We had so much fun with our cousins. Can you tell?

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