Monday, November 18, 2013


IMG_9245For us, the nice thing about traveling east is that there are many friends along the way. We were able to to pop in and visit some dear friends who used to live in Denver.
IMG_9248The boys had a grand old time playing games and hunting for toads outside.
_MG_2697.jpgKatie spends a little time working at the local library during the week and we happened to be around to take part in Toddler Time. 
_MG_2706.jpgNot only does she read books to the children, but she dances too.
_MG_2711.jpgAnd then there's a fabulous bubble machine that everyone loves. Katie didn't work the entire time we were there. We even had a little kid free lunch with Debbie and Pam. While we were sad to see the Fienes leave Denver, it's church members like Debbie and Pam that have made that move for them and us a little less difficult to handle. It was so nice meeting you, Debbie and Pam. I'm hoping to copycat that baked brie from Bin 48 someday. :)
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Lauren said...

Katie's a saint. I couldn't do that job. But that bubble machine does look awesome.

Katie Fiene said...

I'm pretty sure the only reason the kids keep coming back to Toddler Time is for the bubbles!

Lauren, the boys tell me how nice I am when I'm Ms. Katie from the library. I guess Mommy is not as nice.

It was so good to see you guys!