Friday, November 15, 2013

A Birthday, a Hotel, and a Waterslide

_MG_2651.jpgIn September our oldest daughter turned 12. The day after her birthday we hit the road for our crazy midwest vacation and things haven't slowed down since.
_MG_2668.jpgOur chidlren love to swim, as does my Lutheran Stud, so when he searched for hotels it was hard not to book this hotel that had a few pools, but, more importantly, some waterslides.
_MG_2676.jpgI'm not sure who had more fun, our children or my Lutheran Stud. They raced down those slides all night long.
_MG_2673.jpgLucky for us there wasn't really a line since we were pretty much the only people at the pool.
_MG_2666.jpgThe great thing about this place was that there was a toddler area where the water was only 1 foot deep.
_MG_2678.jpgDid I mention that there was also a pirate ship for all of your pirating needs? It was awesome! 
_MG_2692.jpgMy little girls loved walking on their hands throughout the pool. It was so funny to watch them.
_MG_2679.jpgThis mini slide was their favorite. This has become the way we travel now. If we must stay in a hotel we'll drive until we find one with waterslides! It's all about the kids right?

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Lauren said...

That last picture of Anna and Elizabeth is cracking me up. Anna looks like she could power lift Elizabeth, while Elizabeth looks cold and slightly worried about the younger sister behind her. In other words, awesome.