Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bronco Nation

IMG_6668The closer we got to the stadium the more the anxiety and nervousness set in. Last season for the Denver Broncos didn't go as everyone thought it would go. With the addition of Peyton Manning, quarterback with a laser rocket arm, people in the Denver area had high expectations. Thoughts of a Super Bowl ring were swirling. As the playoffs neared people were excited. The first playoff game arrived and the Denver Broncos fell short of everyone's expectations. We fans left that day in utter shock and disappointment. Along with many other fans the horror of that loss left us in mourning all winter, spring, and even summer until the beginning of this most recent season. We needed closure. Perhaps the NFL knew this when they planned out the schedule for this year's season because the Broncos were slated to play against that team-the team that beat them at the end of last season, the Baltimore Ravens. The first game of this year's NFL season would be the Denver Broncos vs. the Baltimore Ravens.  We decided that we needed to attend this game, so along with our friend, Leon we headed to Sports Authority field.
IMG_6671We've been spoiled by our church members when it comes to babysitting and Broncos' tickets. Because of them we've been able to attend many Denver sporting events.
 Like last year, we were able to tailgate with many other fans at the Comcast building right next to the stadium. It was blistering hot, 90 something degree afternoon when we arrived. Even in the shade it was hard not to sweat buckets. It was a complete 180 from last season when we had several layers of clothing on, so we wouldn't get frost bitten.
IMG_6680We arrived at the stadium with plenty of time to sit around and think back on last season.
_MG_2511.jpgThe NFL sports casters were reporting stats from last year as well as statistics for the coming season.
_MG_2521.jpgThings were beginning to feel like deja vu when these parachuters flew into the stadium. Then there is normally a flyover with F-16s, but that didn't happen. Believe or not, there was a big lightning storm in the area. Yes, we were just partying in 90 degree weather, but in Colorado the weather can change quickly, so no F-16s.
_MG_2530.jpgRyan Seacrest made an appearance along with some cheerleaders, so if you were watching on TV you would have seen them.
IMG_6704Then to add a little drama before the game a gal came over the loud speaker and told people not to freak out because they might have their heads covered for a few seconds. That was all so they could make this banner thing at the stadium and have it look cool on TV. I think it all went as planned. 
IMG_6685Then, of course, for some more pregame fun they let a bunch of orange balloons go. The fans were pumped and ready for this big game. I'm sure everyone watching at home, on TV couldn't wait either.
_MG_2537.jpgBut then, this happened. After sweating our rear ends off earlier in the day I was hiding in a tunnel trying to stay dry as game time approached. The game was postponed for way too long. The fans were becoming restless and all of our anxiety over this game began slipping away the longer we waited for the game to begin.
IMG_6686When word of a start time got out to the crowd I made my way out of the nice, dry tunnel to sit in the stands where it was still spitting a little rain. Thankfully all the fans were given rally towels as we entered the stadium. They sure came in handy.
_MG_2540.jpgBam! We're off to play a little football now. Let the season begin!
_MG_2548.jpgPeyton Manning didn't disppoint. He was incredible with his laser rocket arm!
_MG_2584.jpgOur receivers were fantastic,
_MG_2590.jpgand our running backs were solid.
_MG_2576.jpgThis is what Manning does when he wants the crowd to quiet down.
_MG_2541.jpgThe signs then go up around the stadium, so the Broncos can here the plays that Manning calls out.
_MG_2600.jpgAfter the calls are made catches are made too!
_MG_2603.jpgCatches like this one win football games.
_MG_2607.jpgIn the end the Broncos were victorious and everyone went home happier, much happier than last year. 
IMG_6701A win also means fireworks after the game. You won't believe how much heat those fireworks let off. During the winter months it's wonderful.
IMG_6703The Broncos are currently undefeated this season. I'm not going to jinx it by saying anything else, but I do hope they make it far into the playoffs this season. :)

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