Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Tiger Party

_MG_1832.jpgWe finished VBS in early August by celebrating Thomas's birthday. The very next day we got to celebrate this little cutie's birthay! Eisley turned five and requested a tiger party.
_MG_1843.jpgThe weather seemed to be perfect for an outdoor party. . . until it rained. ;)
_MG_1841.jpgThe details were amazing as always, Heather
_MG_1837.jpgHeather made my s'mores cupcakes and added some tiger stripes to them. Pretty cool, don't you think?
_MG_1835.jpgA party wouldn't be the same without Kel's cookies.
_MG_1838.jpgJustin was kind enough to man the grill and feed everyone.
_MG_1856.jpg      _MG_1859.jpg
Amidst all the fun, this little one was sneaking beer and stealing a cupcake when she thought no one was looking.
_MG_1868.jpgThe older kids had some jumping time without the little ones.
_MG_1862.jpgHappy 5th birthday, Eisley. We had so much fun celebrating with you.
Each guest left with an adorable Fire King mug filled with goodies! My children love them and said they will be the perfect hot chocolate mugs this winter. 
_MG_1848.jpgOh, did I mention Heather threw this party together just a few weeks after Paxton was born?
_MG_1852.jpgWe, Texas ladies, threw her a mini shower with The Little Golden Books as the theme. 
Mini baby shower/birthday party! @kelleez @mrspyrex @lebraaten @gretchenroberts @g_and_d @rabblerouser3Since the majority of our Texas friends couldn't make it to Denver, Kel and I did the honors of delivering Heather's goodies to her. Now Paxton has his very first set of Golden Books!


Adriane said...

Thank you for taking one for the Texas team!

Heather said...

I can't believe you followed Violet sneaking a beer!!!

We're always so happy to have your sweet kids over. Thanks for coming Jan! Good times, good people.