Friday, August 2, 2013

Another Day at Coors Field

IMG_6291.jpgWe began a yearly outing to the Rockies game with our children and Thrivent friends last year.  We head over to our Thrivent office before the game to do a little tailgating. It's prefect because then we don't have to buy food at the game. Bennett's BBQ caters the event and their BBQ is fantastic. It was all fun and games until a massive downpour hit us. Anna and I were getting dessert under a tent when the downpour began. I figured we were safe until the storm blew over, except that then the tent blew over and we were getting drenched along with all of the awesome BBQ. Since I love BBQ so much I tried to save it by holding foil covers over the food while Anna was standing there getting drenched and other people were getting the tent put away. I had Anna run to our car during all of this and I had no idea where everyone else went. The tailgating party ended a little early, so we headed to the ball field.
_MG_0991.jpgThat's our Thrivent rep, Jeff, in the black shirt. He's been getting a Thrivent group together for years, so I'm guessing that's why he gets to go on the field before the game. Lucky guy!
_MG_1003.jpgThings started out well for the Rockies. The Rockies' poster child, Todd, is known for hitting doubles and that's just what he did his first time up to bat.
_MG_1017.jpgThen the wind started gusting. I mean really swirling. People couldn't even keep the garbage in their seats the wind carried a ton of garbage onto the field.
_MG_1018.jpgThe game even stopped for awhile because it was so windy. We were playing the Cubs from Chicago. Someone in the stands yelled, "Come on, pitch the ball you're from the Windy City. What's the hold up?" Get it?
_MG_1020.jpgTemperatures were dropping quickly that evening and there was a tornado warning in Aurora, a city adjacent to Denver.
_MG_1024.jpgThe game resumed.
_MG_1027.jpgThings didn't fair so well for our friends from the Windy City.
_MG_1044.jpgWe scored several runs.
photo 1.jpgOur children love going to the games, if not for the game itself, but just being together and the atmosphere of it all is so fun!
photo 2.jpgWe enjoyed the company of many of our church members and other Lutherans sitting around us.
photo 3.jpgAs the sun went down and the moon came out so did some pretty incredible clouds!
_MG_1050.jpgThings were getting difficult for the other team. I think he's praying that they score a few runs soon.

_MG_1064.jpgWe ended up scoring several more runs.
_MG_1072.jpgThe last out of the game always has fans on their feet and holding their breath.

_MG_1073.jpgThe Rockies won 8-3 and we all went home happy and cold.


Kellee said...

I love your baseball game pictures!

Lauren said...

Jared's face in the first picture is awesome. And yes, always save the BBQ.

Lauren said...

Jared's face cracks me up!!

JAN said...

Because I make them pose for so many photos this is what I get when they don't want to pose anymore.