Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Fair

_MG_0514.jpgLast week my Lutheran Stud and older girls headed to camp, so I was left with just 4 children at home. We decided to have a little fun while they were gone.
IMG_5585The mall just north of our house had a Family Festival going on complete with rides for all ages. I tried to convince my boys to go on this ride, but their eyes just got huge while they shook their heads, "no." 
IMG_5662Anna enjoyed driving this boy around on her motorcycle. She's such a wild woman!
_MG_0503.jpgDavid didn't actually want to drive, so he let Thomas take the lead.
_MG_0505.jpgIt wasn't quite like riding on a roller coaster, but David didn't know any different.

IMG_5660Elizabeth didn't want to ride on anything except the "horse." She was quite impatient too, until it was her turn. Thinking that I had to ride with Elizabeth, I bought a ticket. It turns out that I did have to ride with Elizabeth, but I didn't need a ticket. That meant that I gave my ticket to Anna. Most people would think that it was unfair that Anna got to go on an extra ride, but Anna didn't think so. She was quite happy. 
_MG_0512.jpgAfter going on the rides we walked around this little festival checking out all the rides and people everywhere.
_MG_0511.jpgOf course if you go to the fair you really should get a funnel cake. It's just what you do at the fair. Am I right?
IMG_5658These little cuties couldn't agree with me more. 


Adriane said...

How fun!

Gretchen said...

Fun! I take my little ones to do special things when Derek and/or the older kids are out of town. Makes the time go faster and makes them feel like they get something special, too. Especially that Anna girl--two rides, lucky girl!