Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow, Finally!

_MG_9440.jpgThis winter has been so dry and warm that I had just about given up on winter all together. We've begun thinking about what to plant in our garden this summer and early planting is just around the corner, you know. We got word on Saturday that a large storm would be rolling into town overnight. I wasn't sure what to think. I figured the news was just wrong and if we got any snow at all it would be 2-3 inches. That seems to be the norm around here when we have gotten a little snow. 
_MG_9442.jpgSunday morning had us waking up to a few inches of snow. The news said the storm was just getting started.  Hmm. . . to go to church or stay home? I decided to brave the storm even after a church member called and said he did a 360 in his gym's parking lot.
_MG_9444.jpgWe made it to church safely, only sliding once, and the storm did, indeed, get worse while we were at church.
_MG_9447.jpgWe made it home safely and you never would have known that I shoveled the driveway before we left. The children couldn't get outside quick enough. 
_MG_9453.jpgThey bundled themselves up and braved the storm as it continued to snow with a side of wind. Yuck! They didn't care and nor were they cold.
_MG_9460.jpgThis little girl came in with the cutest, pinkest cheeks I've seen in a long time. 
_MG_9464.jpgThe storm finally ended and Monday brought the blazing sun. That's what I love about Colorado. The sun is never hiding long. With the foot of snow that we recevied Sunday there was still plenty left for sledding again on Monday. Now, with a small storm bringing a few more inches today, my children will be even happier when they can still go back out in another day or so. I guess we're getting a little winter afterall.

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