Thursday, February 28, 2013

School With My Babies

_MG_0898.jpgMy little girls, or "babies" as I like to call them, have been wanting to "do school" like their siblings. I was introduced to these fabulous workbooks while we were at the seminary in Indiana. (That seems so long ago.)
_MG_0899.jpgThese books come from Rod and Staff Publishers and  I love them right down to the covers. They're very simple.
_MG_0900.jpgThe inside is also very simple. I love it because they don't cause over stimulation which can occur from super busy books. 
_MG_0904.jpgThe girls get to work on fine motor skills while learning about colors and shapes in the first book.
_MG_0908.jpgWhile I knew Elizabeth has an incredible attention span when it comes to coloring, I had no idea Anna would have the same stamina. She enjoys these books so much that she wants to keep going.
_MG_9235.jpgWith just a year apart in age there is still a definite difference in the attention to detail department. Can you tell?


Bree Soncrant said...

I saw an idea on another Blog where you put the pages into those plastic binder pages, so that the kids can practice writing letters over and over with washable pens. Thought I'd share :)

Lauren said...

Some sweet friend gave these to my kids to use and we love them too. :)

Kellee said...

Did you get a new chair? Not ignoring the cool books :) I should get some of those for Cil.

Sheryl Skinner said...

These are my favorites too!