Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cookies and a Party

_MG_0940.jpgKellee and I had to get together last week. We had to for the sake of our oldest girls. You see, we tend to get together while her older girls are in school. It just seems to work better for our schedules. Well that made her older girls and my older girls a little disappointed that they could not see each other. Therefore, we planned a weekend play date with all of our children. Once we arrived at Kel's house the older girls disappeared and were hardly seen the entire day. That's why I have no photos of them. The little girls decided to have a little party in the basement complete with Goldfish crackers. We didn't see them much either.
_MG_0933.jpgOkay, maybe we had a few things planned for ourselves too.  
_MG_0984.jpgWe like to plan mini photoshoots. . .with cookies. Yes, we're weird like that, but it works well because Kel likes to make cookies. I like to photograph them, and our children like to eat them. See? Everybody wins.
_MG_0956.jpgWe like to play around with different backgrounds.
_MG_0947.jpgSome backgrounds look great, while others turn out lame.
_MG_0980.jpgI think our favorite, for this shoot, was the blue background.
_MG_0986.jpgWith the Superbowl the next day we needed some cookies to celebrate.
_MG_0987.jpgI needed lessons from the best cookie decorator that I know, so that's what I got-lessons from Kellee. I think they turned out ok, but not nearly as nice as Kellee's. I might just stick to cupcakes.
_MG_0993.jpgThere were even cookies for the children to decorate. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, you know. Anna gets her multi-tasking talent from me. Eating a cookie and decorating a cookie at the same time is a difficult thing to master.


confessionalcook said...

That was a fun look behind the scenes at how you do it Jan.

Too bad there was no room for actual food on the little girls table. They look like they are having fun none the less!

Adriane said...

Awesome! I'm jealous. Wish I could have been there.

Kellee said...

Can you get a few more shots of the back of my head? I would love that :) Where are the pictures of your finished cookies????