Saturday, December 8, 2012

Who Needs to Go to the Park?

_MG_9576.jpgThis is our newest little niece, Julie. She's already 1 and we just met her for the first time when we were in Washington.
_MG_9290.jpgThis is our nephew, Lawrence, who is now happy and healthy. You would never have known that he just fought cancer, last year, and won!
_MG_9565.jpgThe Make-a-Wish Foundation gave him an entire playground, so he pretty much has his very own park! We finally made it over to play and while the weather was kind of crummy, but the kids had fun anyway.
_MG_9561.jpgWell, almost everyone had fun. Anna wanted someone to push her on the swing.
_MG_9569.jpgOnce Nikara was on swing duty all was good again.
_MG_9592.jpgLawrence also got a few John Deere toys.
_MG_9588.jpgHe's certainly ready to help his dad on the farm with all of his tractors.
_MG_9584.jpgJulie loved to just sit and wait for a ride.
_MG_9599.jpgThere was a lot of climbing. . .
_MG_9595.jpgand sliding. . .
_MG_9562.jpgand digging to be done.
_MG_9587.jpgMy brother-in-law has his own hay business. If you have super-power strength eyes you can probably see my Lutheran Stud and Dustin taking target practice with Dustin's newest gun.


Adriane said...

You go, Lawrence!

Lauren said...

Anna's face makes me laugh every time I see it. Poor girl.