Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Dance!

332019_305865126094222_100000122121922_1440212_2038172120_o.jpgThank you so much for all of your prayers. Nothing else can explain such a wonderful outcome for our little nephew. Going into surgery they were told that Lawrence had a Wilms tumor and it was Stage 2 cancer. Pathology reports just came in and it turns out that it's Stage 1. That decreases his chemo time and the amount of drugs needed. The tumor was the size of a large grapefruit. How that can turn out to be only stage 1 just amazes me. Thanks be to God! 

298683_306199079394160_100000122121922_1441655_464164443_n.jpgThese are some photos I stole from Nikara's FB account. This is the day after surgery. 


From Nikara (Lawrence's Mom):

A little background on this: Tuesday (Oct.11, 20011) I was sitting Lawrence on the potty and I felt a little walnut sized lump deep in his stomach under his left rib. I read that this could be hard stool moving down. So I gave it a day and then took him to the Dr first thing Thursday as it was still there. Dr. said "not to scare you ........ but it could be this rare tumor called Wilms". We were able to get in for an ultrasound that day and they said we should have results within a few days. They called us within the hour and sent us to children's that night.  One interesting thing.......that walnut sized bump was the size of a large grapefruit. You could not see it from the outside, not even the doctors.


October 17, 2011: Surgery went well! Tumor was incapsulated and didn't rupture which is good. We get pathology back in a few days to know course of chemo. What we know at this point is that it will be about 18 to 24 weeks and we are almost positive that he won't need radiation. Thank you for all the love and prayers!!:)


October 18, 2011: Scary morning. Woke up to nurses calling doctors because Lawrence’s heart rate was 250. It shouldn’t be much over 140 especially if sleeping and he was. ll other vitals were good and the surgeon massaged the artery in his neck and it dropped to normal right away and didn’t go back up. They said a kid can sustain a high rate like that for hours where as a 70 year old would have a heart attack. Also they said that happens sometimes after surgery but to find out why they ran more labs which looked good so they did an ultrasound on his heart to see if the portacath was irritating something. That’s where his IV is hooked now and where he’ll later get chemo. And it is. So his attending surgeon is in the OR right now and he and whoever else will decide if it needs to be pulled back a little or can stay. Likely he will pull it back since he’ll have the cath for awhile for chemo and we don’t want this to happen when we’re home. That means another surgery. Quick one, but another one.


October 20, 2011: Pathology came back great!! Favorable histology Stage 1, not Stage 2. Possibly only 18 weeks of chemo as opposed to 9 months!!


Heather said...

This is great news about it only being Stage 1 and that the surgery went well, praise God!

He's a darling little guy.

Unknown said...

"Listening to life's whispers", daughter in laws blog for our grand daughter with Wilms last year

Erin said...

The picture of your sil holding your nephew just kills me. Thanks for the update.

Lauren said...

Wonderful news. It's so heartbreaking to see such little people hooked up to tubes, so I'm glad that the news has been better than anticipated.

Bree Soncrant said...

Such great news! We'll continue to pray for this sweet little boy and his family,

Adriane said...

So, what you're saying is, the Lord really does hear and answer prayer? Get out!

Also, I love love love that pic of Lawrence with his mom. I bet that mom snuggle made him feel better than any amount of pain meds.

Amy said...

So glad to hear he's doing as well as can be expected. Praise be to God! I will continue to hold him in my prayers.

DeAnn said...

Such great news.So glad the outcome is better than originally expected. May God continue to keep Lawrence in His hands as He goes through further treatment.