Monday, December 10, 2012

The Fam

_MG_9361.jpgThe weather in Yakima was a little more pleasant than it was in Seattle. There were more opportunities to play outside, and our children took full advantage of the outdoors whenever they could.
_MG_9342.jpg Elizabeth always seemed to attract the animal crowd whenever she was outside._MG_9316.jpgWhen the weather cooperated we tried to get some family photos taken too. We also had to work around many schedules which made it difficult at times, but we got it done. We even had a few photo bombers.
_MG_9326.jpgWe couldn't leave without a photo of Mimi and Papa with some of their grandkids._MG_9396.jpgWe also attempted a family photo with all the grandkids and siblings. Can you imagine pulling all of these chidlren away from their favorite activity to pose for a photo?
_MG_9395.jpgThey were a little reluctant.
It was always difficult to capture a decent shot of these boys because they were always on the run, literally.
_MG_9400.jpgBut, this little girl was all smiles.
_MG_9461.jpgI think the sibling photo turned out pretty well, no? Until next time. . .

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