Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crafty Afternoon

_MG_9774.jpgShortly after returning from Washington I felt the need to get moving on Christmas things. That was at the beginning of November. It was a good plan, to get together with my favorite crafting ladies for a little lunch and a crafting afternoon. Kel always had some interesting food concoctions. 
_MG_9777.jpgThey always turn out to be fantastic too!
_MG_9782.jpgWe enjoyed a little baked potato soup with a side of lovely fruit.
_MG_9785.jpgThis is what happens when Kel comes over. She brings just half of her craft room, which fills up my entire table, leaving no room to work. Thankfully, my kitchen includes plenty of counter space.
_MG_9791.jpgSince Heather is the queen of glitter we put her to work on these awesome ornaments.
_MG_9788.jpgWith just a little modge podge, glitter, and vintage cookie cutters this is what you get.
_MG_9786.jpgThese cookie cutters would make great decorations on your gift wrapped presents as well as being hung on your tree. Hint, hint! Aren't they cute? These would be a great project for children too. They would love to make a mess with all of this. It took me days to wash glitter out of my little girls' hair. 


Lauren said...

I do love the glitter ornaments. But what is that drink?! Looks delish.

Teena said...

I always love reading your posts. These ornaments are unlike anything I have seen yet...and I admit I have the same question as Lauren...what the beverage is? :D

Kellee said...

The beverage is a apple pomegranate punch and if I can find the recipe I will put it up on my blog.

I feel like the table picture needs the caption "have mess, will travel"

Off to find the recipe...