Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shopping in Fredericksburg

Der Khen Laden/Old HospitalWe spent a lot of time on what I would like to call the downtown strip of Fredericksburg. There were many cute, little shops everywhere. I think this place had to be a favorite for all of us. At one time, it was an old hospital. Now, it serves as a culinary dream for people who love to cook; that's us! Der Küchen Laden is full of the coolest gizmos, gadgets, and every cooking utensil that comes to mind. 
Linens n' MoreWe also popped into Linens n' More where we found all sorts of things that made us want to re-decorate our homes.
Linens n' MoreThis pillow is now on our list for a crafting day. It looks pretty simple, but I'm sure when we dive into this project we'll make it more difficult than it really has to be. It's cute, though, right?
Lone StarCandy shops are always a big draw since they're full of fun things.
Lone StarEverything really is bigger in Texas. Checkout the size of that lollipop.
Lone Star CandyTexas even sells candy from Denver!
Lone Star CandyThis place even had pickles covered in chocolate. It wasn't on my list of new things to try, so I left it there. Would ever or have you ever had a chocolate dipped pickle?
Lone Star CandyHow about some chocolate dipped jalapenos?
Armadillo MilkDown the road we found armadillo milk as well as armadillo meat. Does that sound tasty?
Why dial 911?My Lutheran Stud said we needed this sign on our front door.
Adriane is a cowgirl.The shops even had cute names.
_MG_9649.jpgWe stopped on the sidewalk and snapped a few pics in town. What an adventure.


Kristen said...

Oh, I'm missing Texas now! Growing up in San Antonio, Fredericksburg was always go close for a time away. Living in Fort Wayne, it's too far now...

Kellee said...

These pictures are great! That was a wonderful lunch and I am glad you took a picture of everyone's plate :)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

pickle? no.
jalapeno? i'd try at least one bite!

what do your kids think about the chocolate covered pickle?