Monday, October 15, 2012

Food and Friends

Food prep at the Big House
There was no shortage of food in Texas. When we weren't eating out we were eating in. Lauren and I used to get together and consume large amounts of spinach artichoke dip, so it was only natural that we share this dip with the ladies while we were in Texas. I've got the recipe memorized.
Snacks, dinner, dessert, late night snack- whatever you want to call this will work since we ate all of this plenty of times during our stay.
Girl talk in Texas
There was plenty of chatting and eating. 
Blogging in Texas
There was also brief blogging time and cyber catch-up.
Opa's Smoked Meats
We picked up brats from Opa's Smoked Meats.
Then we came back to the house and created quite an incredible meal.
Cotton Gin Village
While cooking comes naturally to us, technology along the lines of, say, a TV, remote control, and satellite dish does not. Thankfully this lovely gentleman was around to turn music on through the TV, start a bonfire for us, and unplug the toilet.
We even enjoyed pampering out feet with pedicures one evening. Since Heather went to cosmetology school she gave us tips and brought products for us to use. 


Lauren said...

I love how you used the timer on your camera to catch all those fun moments.

PS: I think I'm still full.

Adriane said...

I could use some dip. Who will bring me dip? I WANT DIP!