Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

Rebecca BaptismWe celebrated Rebecca's 11th birthday today! She was a bit of a surprise baby whom we are so thankful and excited to have with us. My Lutheran Stud had just finished up his first year at the seminary when she was born.
MVC-003FI know I haven't aged one bit, but we all look so young don't we?
_MG_9484It always amazes me to see how little our babies used to be. Now, Rebecca is about 2 inches shorter than me. It's possible that she may pass me by Christmas. 
_MG_9486She is probably our quitetest girl and very independent. She likes to avoid the chaos around here. She can often be found in her room reading some massive book.
_MG_9495Rebecca is also very thoughtful, helpful, and quite the cook. We love her zeal for learning. She loves to read, so we've been searching for some fun and challenging books for her. She's getting deep into Latin and beginning some Greek now, too. We've enjoyed watching her grow into a young lady and can't wait for the teenage years to come. ;) We love you, Rebecca! Happy birthday.

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Rebecca!! Cari sounds very similar, loves her books and avoids chaos! She is a beautiful young lady!!