Friday, July 20, 2012

The Brass Armadillo

IMG_2414.jpgI'm one of those pastor's wives that drops their kids off for VBS (vacation Bible school) and runs. In fact, one of the ladies at church insisted that I go out and have fun during VBS. My friend Katie was recruited to teach music during VBS, but her husband insisted that she go out with me while he taught music. Who can complain about that? My other friend, Kellee, brought her girls to VBS as well. Without a single child in tow what are three ladies supposed to do? We grabbed our Starbucks and headed to The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall. It was just a hop, skip, and a jump from church. (I'm still thinking about that Horizion Blue piece and turquoise fridgie that I didn't purchase.)
IMG_2415.jpgI'm sure you can guess what we were on the lookout for. There was Pyrex in every little nook and cranny.
IMG_2412.jpgThere were cute little displays everywhere.
IMG_2413.jpgIf you're looking for an animal head for your wall they had those too. Take your pick!
IMG_2419.jpgThis booth was filled with mostly salt and pepper shakers. They were so adorable that I wanted all of them.
IMG_2416.jpgI just loved this pitcher and matching drinking glasses. If only it was turquoise instead. . . (all of the photos were taken with my phone in case you couldn't already tell.)
IMG_2423.jpgThere was also some fabulous artwork. Who needs this for their front door?
IMG_2424.jpgThis was probably my favorite Pyrex booth. There were so many pieces we wanted, yet the prices were a bit on the incredibly high side.
IMG_2425.jpgWhile it was nice to see pieces in their original box, $50 was a little steep to pay.
IMG_2426.jpgButter dish anyone? I already have this and for $25 I had to pass on it anyway. We had a great morning drooling over all the pieces we long to have. If you're in the Denver area you should visit the Brass Armadillo. It's a great little antique mall.

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