Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some Friends

_MG_7630.jpgThings have been a bit hectic around here as we said good-bye to family that was visiting and hello to some friends that have come out to visit. Add vacation bible school on top of all that and you'll see one neglected blog. Last week our dear friends rolled into town from Illinois, so we hosted a BBQ in their honor. It's a good thing too because we haven't seen many of these friends in a long time. In fact, we hadn't even met little Kaitlyn who was born just a few months ago.
_MG_7635.jpgWe had children everywhere. Some of the little children were at the "kiddie" table.
_MG_7642.jpgOlder children were too cool for the "kiddie" table, so they opted for the patio seating.
_MG_7649.jpgWatermelon seemed to be loved by everyone.
_MG_7653.jpgThen men had a fierce game of poker going until there was no more light from which to see. Hans needing to win spending money for their trip, and he came out victorious! 
_MG_7665.jpgThe children were later found outside playing Tractor Tag.
_MG_7667.jpgThat got a little crazy at times. We need a bigger yard. Maybe it's time to move.
_MG_7670.jpgThe little ones definitely loved the Legos. The children entertained themselves so well that one would never know that there were 12 children running around everywhere.


Lauren said...

How fun!

Heather said...

I love that you have the house that can accommodate so many friends and people always seem welcome and so happy to be there :)

Is that a pink Gooseberry that first picture? I didn't know you collected that...

Colleen said...

I love the pictures of the kids eating watermelon.