Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Little Workshop

_MG_5661.jpgLast week Adriane flew into town for a very brief visit. She came to speak at the Northern Zone LWML Spring Workshop.
_MG_5686-Edit.jpgI got invited, not because I'm part of the Northern Zone, but because I know people. I know people that know that I love to see my friends, eat good food, and take photos. :) During the workshop there was also a skit sketch with a theme of Walking in Love, modeled by Kellee, written by Adriane. It was fabulous. I think CPH should start selling sketches written specifically for LWML Workshops, by Adriane. Perfect right? 
_MG_5674.jpgThe ladies at Mount Olive did a beautiful job putting the whole workshop together.
_MG_5681.jpgChicken salad sandwiches were served alongside
_MG_5680.jpgthis beautiful vegetable salad, 
_MG_5679.jpggrape salad, that tasted like candy, 
_MG_5675.jpgand this to die for mocha trifle. I think I gained about 12 pounds.
_MG_5677.jpgThe centerpieces were gorgeous with their handmade hearts from vintage linens and they fit the theme perfectly.
_MG_5743.jpgIt was a great day with lots of fun and laughter. If you didn't make it you sure missed out. Check out Adriane's blog for more details. She's a better writer than I am. Maybe that's the reason she's an editor and I'm not.


Adriane said...

Whoa. I look like MCH with all that finger pointing.

Kellee said...

So glad you could make it! The post workshop party may have been the best part!

And thanks for being our photographer! You do such a lovely job and make it look so easy!